Customer Management

Let your trade customers manage their account easily from a simple, effective, dedicated trade website.
Purchase History
Allow your customers to login and see their past purchase history. Make it easier for them to reorder the products they buy in volume. Customise their experience online and reduce the need for email or telephone enquiries.
Customer Groups
Make it easier to grow your customer’s value and change their needs based on preferences associated with a customer profile or classification. As a customer grows and changes group, adjust their payment terms, pricing policies and preferences at the touch of a button.
Pricing Strategy
Create tailored logic for setting cost prices at a customer group level. Should a customer require a special price on a specific product, create overrides outside the standard product range logic and allow negotiation to happen so you sell more.
Profile Management
Should customer contact details, terms or delivery requirements change, allow them to manage this through one simple My Account administration area. Reduce the need for constant offline based enquiries to streamline your business for the better.


Let us make the all important changes to how you engage your customers. Make them come back again and again knowing how easy it is to manage their relationship with you online. Use the data collected to make informative decisions on business strategy for a bright future ahead.


Serve customers faster and better. In ways you have never done so before.