Customer in store experience is just as vital as your website. Make life easier for customers and staff alike with an easy to use EPOS system
Individual User Logins
Easily add and remove new and leaving staff into the ePoS system. Track login times and keep in control of attendance at a single till level.
Offline Mode
Should internet connections go down, your new ePoS system won’t be reliant on it to serve customers. Upon reconnection all transactions and activities will be batch processed and updated immediately.
Easy Cash Reconciliation
Know at the touch of a button at the start and end of your day, all the cash levels held within the tills. Provide a report for easy cash counting and float management purposes. This can be completed at a till user level with a simple approval process for managers.
Record All Transactions
Maintain records and reports on all transactions completed at your tills. Understand the various payment methods used from cash to card options. Use point in time data to monitor the sales effectiveness of each till in your business at any given moment.
Cross and Up Sell
Display suggested items that are purchased together as a customer’s purchases are input into the till. Give your sales assistants all the information they need to be able to increase customer transaction values online and offline.
Stock & Pricing Management
Print and export stock reports as you require for stocktaking days. At the touch of a button run a price list that can be printed for internal review or given to customers for their information.
Customer Insights
Know more about your customer as they make a purchase with you. See their past order history at a single product level to help make suggestions whilst they are in store and in a mood to purchase. Understand if any orders whether placed online or offline are on hold or unfulfillable.
Administrator Login
Give store managers and owners of your business all the tools to be able to add, edit and monitor till users. Change specific business preferences including currency, time, preferred processes and may other important options.


With our significant knowledge of driving eCommerce website sales for retailers large and small, let us apply our best practice knowledge to your instore experience. Ensure you increase the value of each customer that engages with your business and wants to make a purchase. Influence their purchasing decision quickly by being informed.

Ensuring you have a fully integrated approach to both your instore and online sales is critical. Working with the same partner to do both will add value to how you do business both during store opening times and 24 hours, 7 days a week on your website, eBay, Amazon and more.


Make your tills more productive and offer a seamless experience to your customers online and in store.