Ensure you make the right business decisions. Have all the statistics and metrics you need to analyse your business performance at the touch of a button.
Sales Revenue
Know your numbers, see sales performance within a given time period. See clearly the split of sales across each channel or marketplace to create actionable focus areas for your team.
Input all your cost price information into 247CloudHub and benefit from understanding the margins your business is achieving.
Shipping Costs
Ensure you aren’t losing out on shipping by comparing the revenue generated from customer shipping charges against actual costs.
Keep a track on the progress of all returns. Know which products have the highest return rates and ensure refunds are serviced and completed.
Inventory Aging
Don’t let stock age and gather dust on the shelves, replace with new product that will sell. By running this report reduce your stock holding and make your business more efficient.
Top Selling
Understand which are your top selling items and ensure they stay in stock. The easy to generate report allows you to sort based on sales volume or current stock levels.
Zero Sales
Check for sudden changes in sales on a product in your inventory over a given time period. Pinpoint these quickly to avoid lost selling opportunities.
Operational Performance
Know the status of your operation and any backlogs from the warehouse to inventory creation and at your packing benches.
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247 CloudHub takes the information held by each of the modules you have subscribed to and disseminates the data quickly and effectively to provide intelligent reporting. Generate key metrics based on a specified date ranges.

Our reporting is close to real time based on the data held in our systems at the point the report is generated.

247 CloudHub

Be proactive, rather than reactive, by having all the data you need, in hand, when managing your business.