Optimise Profiles

Optimise Profiles

Go to Configure > Optimise Profiles. This is where all your pre-set preferences for listing such as eBay Store Template, Payment Details, Shipping and Returns Details are set:

eBay Listing Template


On this screen it is possible to add a new listing template for eBay. It is recommended you talk to our specialist design team by contacting support or our sales team on enquiries@247commerce.co.uk. Using the latest techniques in responsive eBay design, although a paid service will make the world of difference to the professionalism of your eBay listings. To create your own basic HTML layout, choose “Add New eBay Listing Template” to the top left.


You will then be taken to this screen where you can give the template a name for reference, assign it to an eBay account and provide an additional short description if required. Below HTML can be placed and then clicking the “Preview” tab allows you to view how the coding will appear on eBay.

Click “Save” to create the template. Note that all templates are given a unique ID number in the “Profile Code” field. This number is to be used when assigning the template to a product listing when importing it or adding 1 x 1 using the Add a Product screens.

eBay Payment Profile

Click on the “eBay Payment Profile” tab in the top left to view the following screen:


Select “Add a New eBay Payment Profile”:


Provide the profile name, the eBay account it is assigned to, selecting the Payment methods required and inputting your PayPal account primary email address in the box adjacent to the PayPal option.

Enter any payment information or instructions you may wish to display on the eBay listings using this profile in the box provided.

Click “Save”. This will then add the profile to the main list in the eBay Payment Profiles screen.

On the main eBay Payment Profiles screen you can Edit, Delete or Create a Copy of any Payment Profile created. It also provides information relating to which user created the profile, edited it and the date/time it was added to Configure.

eBay Shipping Profiles

Click on the “eBay Shipping Profile” tab to view the following screen:


To create a new shipping profile for eBay select the “Add a New eBay Shipping Profile” to the top left, you will be taken to the following screen:

Select the eBay Seller Account you wish the profile to be linked to and enter a “Shipping Profile Name” of your choice for reference.

In eBay you may have a series of promotional overrides that allow flat rate postage discounts or maximum limits on postage charges to be set for multiple item orders. These can be set by going to My eBay > Account > Site Preferences.

Here select the “Edit” button next to “Offer Combined Payments and Postage” to show the following screen:


You can create the necessary flat rate shipping and promotional rules. eBay automatically generate an ID number based on your preferences set. Take this and paste the number into the relevant discount code field in 247CloudHub. Please note there will be different ID numbers required for domestic and international postage rules in eBay.

There are three shipping options per service that can be selected:

  1. Fixed price – one flat amount per service and an option to add a fixed price for each additional item in a shipment.
  2. Price Based – specific shipping costs for order values between set price amount bands, plus a cost per additional item in a shipment if required.
  3. Weight Based – specific shipping costs for order weights between set total shipment weight bands, plus a cost per additional item in a shipment if required.

For fixed price you can add as many different service options as you may require, selecting your relevant service from the left dropdown and providing a fixed price for each. The add and remove buttons can be used to add/remove additional services:


If price or weight based options are chosen the layout for shipping service and price entry changes slightly as follows:


Within each of the services a “+” button is present to add additional price or weight bands when calculating shipping.

The same layout options for configuring international shipping profiles apply.

Click “Save” to the top right to apply and save the shipping profile.

eBay Returns Profiles

Click on the eBay Returns Profiles tab to be taken here. This configures the site preferences you require for Returns in your eBay account:


Select the eBay account you wish to apply the Returns Policy to. Give it a name internally for your reference and a description if required.

Specify whether you Accept and Don’t Accept returns.

Confirm the number of days after receipt of goods a buyer must contact you to be granted a Returns Authorisation.

State who should pay the cost of returning the goods.

Click “Save” to create the Returns Policy.


CDiscount Shipping Profiles

You need to create a shipping profile before you can list products from 247CloudHub onto CDiscount. To do this click on the CDiscount tab in the Configure > Optimise Profiles section:


Here you can view, edit and delete any existing profiles you may have created. To add a new one click “Add a New CDiscount Shipping Profile” to view the following screen:


Select the CDiscount Marketplace Account you wish to apply the Shipping Profile to based on what is already integrated with 247Cloudhub. For more information about enabling CDiscount accounts see Section 6 of this documentation “Enabling New Sales Channels”.

Give the Shipping Profile a name for your reference.

There are three types of shipping with CDiscount – Standard, Tracked or Registered. You can add a price for the shipping and each additional item for every Shipping ID option. To do this simply click on the “Add Rows” button to the right to create.

Repeat this step for both domestic and international shipping, then click on the “Save” button to the top right of the screen to complete profile creation.