Generate Courier Manifest and Cancel Shipments

Generate Courier Manifest and Cancel Shipments

Once an order is processed in full with all labels and packing slips it is placed in the Order Stage “Awaiting Carrier Pickup”. Prior to the courier arriving you will want to create a manifest for the day’s shipments which will be handed to the van driver for sign off. In some cases you may need to hold back orders and remove them from the manifest for re-labelling.

Go to Deliver > Generate Courier Manifest and Cancel Shipments:


Click on the relevant radio button to select your carrier, then click “Generate Manifest”. Deliver will download a PDF document for printing.

If you use more than one courier repeat the process for each to complete the Manifest production. Prior to printing any manifest, please ensure you cancel any Labels for orders you are holding back or have re-printed.

To do this click on the “Cancel Label” tab to show the following screen:


Enter the relevant Order ID or Courier Tracking IDs for the labels that need cancelling. You can cancel multiple labels by clicking on the “Cancel Another Label” button to add another line for entry. Once you have added all the labels to cancel click “Next”.

For the orders input for calculation Step 2 will ask you to which order stage should the Orders associated with the cancelled labels be moved to:


Select a relevant order stage from the dropdown then click “Next”.

A status will then be provided for each order ID or tracking reference as to whether the label was successfully cancelled: