Know exactly where your stock is moving…

It is all too easy for your warehouse to turn into a disaster zone, especially as more orders go out and new stock arrives.

Our “Locate” module is the perfect warehouse management tool, allowing you to control all stock inflows and outflows to and from your business. Ensuring you remain under control in the busiest of times, we have built intelligent tools to help make the best decisions for you, whether reordering products from your suppliers or checking in and locating them in your warehouse.

Understand where, why and who at the touch of a button…

  • View a log of all stock movements.
  • Monitor any stock adjustments and the reason why levels changed.
  • Reporting at a user level to help you understand exactly who does what.

Make re-stocking simple, minimise missed selling opportunities…

  • Raise purchase orders with suppliers.
  • Trigger automated stock re-ordering.
  • Check in supplier purchase orders and allocate stock to a BIN location for ease of picking.
  • Manage all supplier records and purchase order histories.
  • As stock arrives, make it quickly available for sale again across your sales channels.