Stock Movement Log

Go to Locate > Stock Movement Log to view the following screen:


This is a bible for any stock adjustment that has occurred in your business whether due to an order being placed or a manual or bulk quantity update by you or someone in the business.
A search button to the right hand side can be used to search and display all records in the log for a specific SKU.
The column headings in this report are as follows:
1. SKU – the internal Stock Keeping Unit reference code for the product.
2. Product Name – the title as per uploaded in your inventory details in Optimise.
3. Event Source – whether the stock change has been caused “From Order” being received or “From Import” where you or a member of your business have updated the master quantity of the SKU you are viewing.
4. Initial Quantity – the master quantity held of the SKU prior to the stock movement.
5. Updated Quantity – the quantity adjustment that has happened based on an Event Source such as an order.
6. Final Quantity – the master quantity held in your warehouse after the quantity update adjustment.
7. IP Address – if the quantity update was “From Import” the IP address location where this adjustment event happened will be shown here.
8. Order Number/Account Name – if the Event Source was “From Order” the order number will display here.
9. “From Import” the user account that completed the import quantity change will be shown.