The eBay screen allows you to control and view all listing activities to the eBay marketplace:


The additional functionality for eBay on this screen includes an eBay Account dropdown where you can toggle between the inventory items listed on each of the accounts integrated with 247CloudHub.

The “List to eBay” button can be used to submit products to eBay for listing manually if the “Enable Auto Relist” box isn’t checked at the point of product creation as explained in section 2.2 of this document.

Whenever any item details are changed, Optimise automatically submits a revision to eBay and no further button needs to be pressed to make a revise request.

Additional columns that are eBay specific in the inventory table for eBay are:

  1. eBay Item ID – if the item is active this is the eBay item ID which will link you to the listing page for you to review if required.
  2. eBay Listing Error – if the product failed to list on eBay, details of the error will appear here.
  3. eBay Listed Date and Time – the exact point in time the product was listed to eBay.
  4. eBayAutoList – will confirm whether the product is enabled for auto listing and re-listing.
  5. eBay Revised Date/Time – when the product last had data changed and was successfully revised.
  6. Revision Response – whether the revision was successful on eBay.