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We are an experienced marketplace solutions provider.
With 8 years of integrating into marketplaces through inventory, order and shipping management, you are in great hands.

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    Effective Multi-Channel
    eCommerce Management

    See how 247 CloudHub and can help your business…

    247 CloudHub is your holistic Marketplace ecommerce management platform. From easy setup, seamless API integration into over 200 platforms, inventory management, intelligent pricing, and promotion, to warehouse, stock, and shipping management. Let us take your multi-channel ecommerce performance to the next level.

    Did you know?


    Which makes us the only Marketplace eCommerce Agency who are also Magento certified.

    The benefit to you?

    Aside from building great websites and technical integrations - from web to marketplace management, we also work with retailers daily, so understand the challenges they face. It's our quest to constantly innovate and come up with better solutions, which enable robust web and marketplace platform management and strategy.

    Our eCommerce Marketplace Vision

    Major eCommerce challenges for retailers:

    What do retailer really want from their marketplace solution?

    Powerful Marketplace Features

    Features and functionality you will benefit from when using 247 CloudHub:

    Configure & Control

      Easy setup and integration of 247 CloudHub with multiple marketplace platforms, couriers, and payment gateways. Customise shipping rates, automation rules and order workflows.

      Meet the needs of your business, across marketplaces and your website.

      Key Features:
    • Seamless API integrations
    • Set editable user roles and permissions and based on what they need to view
    • Log all user and application activities for key activities such as edits, feeds, quantity adjustments and order management
    • Customise user screens and quick links for ease of use

    • Simple creation, logging and understanding of users and their workflows.

    Amazon Re-pricer

      Win BIG with an intelligent repricing tool which enables you to set repricing rules for Amazon ASIN's.

      Capture more Amazon Buy Box, Best Offer, and high visibility positions of the highest possible prices!

      Key Features:
    • Algorithm based pricing which allows multiple re-pricing profiles to be created and assigned
    • Assign re-pricing for either a subset of products, or for all, based on your need
    • Buy Box re-pricing or minimum price-based re-pricing. It can be set as desired
    • Exclude sellers who you do not want to compete against

    • Increase your sales and profits, dynamically.

    Inventory Management

      Easily manage all your product data (pricing, images, descriptions, variations and more). Operate at scale, through a single platform.
      Expand your reach through the most popular marketplaces by replicating listings. Optimise your product catalogue across multiple channels and marketplaces. Ensure high levels of marketplace' compliance with real-time platform feedback Utilise ready-made recommendations to resolve any inventory issues.
      Enjoy the positive impact on your seller reputation and performance from optimal inventory listings and management.

      Key Features:
    • Bulk and partial product data import and export help save a lot of time
    • Use Feeds from FTP and Bulk import, or use our REST APIs to integrate with your PIM, Supplier or ERP (like OrderWise)
    • Quick and efficient listing on multiple sites and marketplaces
    • Match products against Amazon and eBay catalogues before listing, to ensure marketplace alignment and save time
    • Sync your product availability and quantities across multiple marketplaces to avoid over sales
    • Create and Manage eBay Promoted Listings, Multibuy and Best Offers from the application to boost visibility and drive more sales

    • Designed especially for multi-channel retailers.

    Order Management

      Create a smooth and efficient order workflow with real-time order creation. Integrate shipping and advanced automation rules, managed from a single interface. Free up merchants' time by eliminating repetitive order fulfilment tasks. Minimise the risk of administrative errors.
      Improve your marketplace efficiency.

      Key Features:
    • Manage orders from all marketplaces within a single interface
    • Export and import orders, plus merge
    • Print picking lists, invoices, and courier labels from within the order interface
    • Mark dispatch across multiple marketplaces automatically
    • Create orders manually one-by-one, or bulk import (like from Groupon)

    Warehouse Management

      Monitor your inventory all the way from purchase to warehouse to sale. Save time with automatic inventory updates across all sales channels. Experience of working on multiple Warehouse management systems, Order wise, SAP, Navision, SFTP feeds, APIs and more.
      Ideal for omni-channel retailers with multiple warehouse locations and complex stock management workflows.

      Key Features:
    • Access stock movement log for audit log of SKU by event
    • Create and manage supplier and warehouse locations against each SKU

    And How Does 247 Commerce
    SHINE in Supporting You?

    Our expertise lies not only in our platform, but also in account management and support, strategic insight, and innovation.

    Our pricing is set realistically. You get full access to all 247 CloudHub features, plus our support, all at a reasonable monthly cost. We only win if you are winning.

    Platform Support

    We want you to get the best from 247 CloudHub. Therefore, we offer platform support and actual human interaction to all our Enterprise customers, to ensure efficiency.

    Strategic Input

    247 CloudHub has a wealth of functionality that can be tactically used to support your eCommerce strategy. We love to regularly share insight and opportunity with our clients.

    Wider Services

    We also love working on the wider digital and web piece, to ensure your eCommerce strategy is bound. Talk to us about development, design, and marketing.

    We are proud to have worked with:

    Your Monthly Allowance:

    What you will get within your monthly fee:

      What you will get Supporting Information

    Monthly Fee

    Wish to pay annually?


    + 1.5% of GMV

    This allows you to access and use all of 247 CloudHub's features and functionality, with no hidden modules cost.In the unlikely event that you wish to cancel your 247 CloudHub contract, just give us 30 days notice.

    User licence

    Ten users included

    Your package can be customised to include more users.Enterprise customer? We can also tailor your bespoke package as you require.

    Unique SKUs


    The unique SKUs you can use within the monthly cost allowance.Enterprise customer? You can get a price for more unique SKUs.

    Total SKUs


    The total SKUs you can use, publishing unique SKUs across multiple marketplaces.Enterprise customer? You can get a price for more total SKUs.



    There are no limitations on volume of orders or transactions. Enterprise customer? You can get a custom pricing model based on your needs.

    Setup fee

    Tailored price

    Typical set-up costs range from £500-£3,000. The biggest variance typically comes from the formatting of your product catalogue for multi-platform publishing and how much work may be involved (which impacts on our set up time, and therefore cost). The number of SKUs and marketplaces you wish to enter can also impact on cost. As inventory and catalogue specialists, we understand the importance of getting your data and feeds right.

    We'd love to work with you and appreciate that set-up is a key cost consideration and investment for you. Therefore we will do our utmost to keep the cost down, plus be transparent at the outset in scoping your setup and associated costs.

    What Else Can You Have Included in Your Package?

    Take advantage of one of the fantastic following features, at no extra cost:


    A Free Magento Website

    We are serious about helping you grow! As a Magento partner agency, we can provide you with a fully functioning Magento store.


    A Free eBay store design

    Give your eBay store that polished, brand look and feel. We will design your store in line with your brand, or as you require, within your package.


    2 hours per month of strategy and support time

    This can be tailored into weekly or bi-weekly calls, or a once a month strategy session, as you choose. We want to help you get the best out of 247 CloudHub's great features, plus ensure you are growing your orders, in line with your commercial goals.

    Business improvements from using 247 CloudHub:

    Winning Customers From Other Platforms

    If you've previously worked with other marketplace integration platforms, we regularly onboard their previous customers.

    Here are 4 reasons why:
    Reason 1 Whether your commercial objective is to grow or to maintain market share, we strongly advise that you do not rely only upon Marketplace sales. Your website (should you have one) and its traffic driving channels should remain a core focus to maintain and grow your brand.

    Marketplace sales should be as a part of your wider ecommerce strategy, not be the core focus of. (this spread, and therefore, minimises risk, should you ever run into problems with any of the core marketplaces (it can happen! from time-to-time, through inventory or customer service challenges).
    Reason 2 When you use our platform, each of its tools work for you 24-7; for repricing, constant item revisions, order management… With no hidden fees.
    Reason 3 We strive to build partnerships with our customers. Your success is our success. You come first.
    Reason 4 ...As such, we are not a mass customer off the shelf generic solution. We work with select chosen clients who we prefer to work with so we can really focus on helping our customers grow their sales and improve business efficiency, working as strategic partners to best utilise all of 247 Cloudhub's functionality, aligned with your commercial goals and opportunities.