Amazon Repricing Graphical Dashboard

Amazon Re-Pricing Inventory Graphical Dashboard

This screen provides a full overview at an account level of all Amazon seller accounts enabled for use within the Compete module. Each box is titled with the specific seller account name as provided at setup within the Configure module. It provides a snapshot of re-pricing activities as follows:

  • Last Updated At – the time at which the report was last updated. You can keep refreshing your browser screen to view updated information in real time.
  • Total Items at Min Price – the number of ASINs being sold at MIN price. This presents an opportunity for reviewing the MIN price where possible in order to compete further and gain more sales.

Total Items at Max Price – the number of ASINs being sold at MAX price. These ASINs can be reviewed with the potential of increasing price, achieving higher profit margin on sales where price competition is weaker.

  • My Feedback Score – the number of feedbacks the seller account has received in the last 12 months.
  • My Feedback Rating – the % positive feedback the seller account has received in the last 12 months.
  • of Items Without Competition – the number of ASINs you are listing against where there are no competing sellers. These products are a prime opportunity to review pricing with a view of increasing to grow profit margins.
  • of Items In Stock (MFN) – the number of ASINs in your inventory with a positive stock quantity where you are fulfilling the items.
  • Total Number of Price Changes by Competition in Last 24 Hours – this is the total number of price changes received by our system across your entire inventory for the specific account where a decision has been made whether to adjust price up or down based on your Compete rules set.

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