Importing Compete Products in Bulk

Importing Compete Products in Bulk


Importing Compete Products in Bulk

Importing Compete Products in Bulk

If you have a large inventory you wish to integrate with Compete, it may be quicker to import the items in bulk. To do this go to Compete > Repricing Inventory.

Click on the “Import Inventory” button on the top left hand side of the screen.

Click here to open Importing Compete Products in Bulk page.

In the Email Address box, provide the address you wish the Import status and Error report email to be sent to. For it to be sent to multiple email addresses separate each with a comma.

Click on “Download Sample Product Import File” to download the import template which you can populate with your inventory data. The columns in the file should be completed as follows. All data fields are mandatory:

  • SKU – your internal Stock Keeping reference
  • ASIN – the Amazon Standard Identification Number. This can be collected for all the products in your Amazon inventory in Seller Central by going to Inventory > Inventory Reports and downloading an “Active Listings Report”.
  • Title – your product’s title as per displayed in your Amazon inventory.
  • Category code – the category number where your product is listed to within the Amazon Catalogue. See the second worksheet “Category Codes” for a breakdown of each Amazon category and their relevant numbers for input.
  • Item Condition – the item condition number you are listing against for the ASIN on the Amazon catalogue. See the third worksheet “Item Condition Codes” for information relating to which Item Condition code you should use.
  • Min Price – the minimum price you wish to sell your product at when competing against sellers on the specific ASIN.
  • Max Price – the maximum price you wish to sell your product at when competing against sellers on the specific ASIN.
  • Account Code – the account code your product is listed to. Refer to Configure, section 1.10 for further information. Your Amazon account code can be found in Configure > Marketplace Accounts > Amazon if it is already added to 247 CloudHub.
  • Quantity – the stock held and being declared to the Amazon marketplace for that specific product. Data provided on this is purely for reporting purpose and quantity is not updated on Amazon or into Optimise module.
  • Fulfilled by Amazon – is the product fulfilled by Amazon or by you the merchant. If by Amazon choose “Yes” if by you the merchant select “No”
  • Repricing Profile Code – allows you to assign different re-pricing rules for chosen groups of products. Once each rule is created in Configure > Compete Rules and Preferences a number is given to each rule type which can then be applied to this column at a single product level.

Once the file is populated, drag and drop it onto the import inventory window in Compete or choose the “selecting one” link to browse for the file.

Click on “Import to Inventory”. You will receive a message confirming the import is successful on the browser window.

Once the import is complete you will receive an email confirmation of its status and any Errors which need correcting for the items to be added successfully.

If the errors are addressed as per the report the same upload file can be submitted to update the Compete inventory correctly.

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