Enterprise Solution
for Mid-Market

Accelerate eCommerce performance and lower your total cost of ownership

The BigCommerce
solution for scaling

It’s never been a more important time to trade robustly and gain a competitive edge. In partnership with BigCommerce, 247 Commerce has a powerful solution for merchants wishing to accelerate their eCommerce performance, spend less on development time and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

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A powerful
eCommerce solution,
with no hosting fees,
and lower TCO

The BigCommerce Enterprise solution beats the competition, hands down, with superior built in functionality, no hosting headaches or transaction fees.

A powerful eCommerce
solution, with no hosting
fees, and lower TCO

BigCommerce is providing 3 Months free on their powerful Enterprise Solution, plus 1 month free of on demand training, so you can champion your new platform

A powerful eCommerce solution,
with no hosting fees, and lower

There are many tech partners to choose from, whether you want them all or just a few; there are discounts and offers on them all.

Gaining a competitive edge by improving the customer experience, while managing your cost base, has never been more important.

Expected features.

BigCommerce prevails in the Ecommerce Platform Comparison Chart.

Limitless Integrations Capability
Coupon Codes & Checkout Discounts
Wish List & Abandoned Cart
Unlimited Products & Bundled Products
Cross Sell & Up Sell
Support for Product Dimensions
Customisable Checkout
Powerful SEO functionality
No Transaction Fees
No Hosting Fees

247 Commerce: a trusted, partner agency

Aside from the obvious benefits, we appreciate that changing eCommerce platforms is a major consideration for merchants. As a trusted BigCommerce partner agency, we want to give you the best possible support, starting with a proper scoping and onboarding process.
Consultation and demo

We'll start by having a conversation with you to better understand your current trading performance, challenges and opportunities, and key platform considerations, then demo to you the BigCommerce solution.

Discovery workshop

A full day of discovery workshop to fully understand all technical requirements, from language and currency, payments, tax and shipping set up, to product data, data migration, orders and returns, front end integrations and design.

Project scoping

You'll then receive a full proposal write-up, with the scope, cost and time estimates

Custom UX/UI design

A web platform upgrade is the perfect opportunity to increase your engagement and conversion rate. We can help with design and user journey and functionality design solutions to engage your audience.

Strategic marketing and SEO

A web platform upgrade should also then yield higher traffic levels, defined by a relevant and optimised site structure and migration process, with SEO at the core.

Scalable integrations

We love APIs and our team of 30+ developers can help integrate any solution you require into your eCommerce platform.


Enterprise technology

When our team provides design and digital marketing. Applied arts can include industrial design, graphic design, fashion design, and the decorative arts
which traditionally includes craft objects.