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Magento Implementation
Navision Integration
MVL Lookup

About INnOUT

Established in 2008 and operating across 25 nationwide sites, IN’n’OUT Autocentres provides a range of services from car servicing to repair, MOT Testing, and a whole lot more.

With a relentless commitment to customer service, INnOUT consistently outperforms the competition. This can be seen across Trustpilot and Which, cementing them as the preferred choice for motorists over a wide number of Autocentres, nationwide.

Engine Overhaul

INnOUT were looking to keep it that way by overhauling their existing website and enhancing their digital offering. We did that by refreshing the website design to be fully responsive, using one of Magento’s Rapid Deployment Packages, and in line with peer sites. At the same time hosting the site and installing middleware to communicate with Microsoft Dynamics NAV order processing site.

Subsequent enhancements have included adding a blog, Trustpilot integration, Dot Digital integration, enhanced vehicle lookup data, and enhanced dynamic slot booking.

INnOUT had previously been using a generic supplier for their eCommerce needs but decided that it was time to use bring on board a company specialising in e-Commerce, competent with Navision integration, and with the ability to react to In’n’Out’s fast-moving marketplace. 247 Commerce was happy to provide this service.

Plot Twist

When Covid-19 restrictions were imposed in late March, INnOUT had to move fast to be able to adapt and re-work their communication and information channels. 247 Commerce helped by creating an interactive communication mechanism to keep customers informed and gave INnOUT the ability to stay on top of current and ever-changing restrictions and regulations while passing that communication to the customer seamlessly and efficiently, at speed.

We passed our MOT!

Since the site went live, sales figures have been healthier than expected, even with the Covid-19 curveball. This has been possible due to the platform enhancements, which allowed INnOUT to react to events and successfully pivot on demand.

INnOUT have some exciting plans in the works, watch this space, or their space to find out more!

In addition, INnOUT has seen some impressive results YoY. Take a look for yourself;

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