Stock Movement Log

September 11th, 2018 by


Our “Locate” module is the perfect warehouse management tool, allowing you to control all stock inflows and outflows to and from your business. Ensuring you remain under control in the busiest of times, we have built intelligent tools to help make the best decisions for you, whether reordering products from your suppliers or checking in and locating them in your warehouse.

Stock Movement Log

Go to Locate > Stock Movement Log.

This is a bible for any stock adjustment that has occurred in your business whether due to an order being placed or a manual or bulk quantity update by you or someone in the business.

A search button to the right hand side can be used to search and display all records in the log for a specific SKU. The column headings in this report are as follows:

  • SKU – the internal Stock Keeping Unit reference code for the product.
  • Product Name – the title as per uploaded in your inventory details in Optimise.
  • Event Source – whether the stock change has been caused “From Order” being received or “From Import” where you or a member of your business have updated the master quantity of the SKU you are viewing.
  • Initial Quantity – the master quantity held of the SKU prior to the stock movement.
  • Updated Quantity – the quantity adjustment that has happened based on an Event Source such as an order.
  • Final Quantity – the master quantity held in your warehouse after the quantity update adjustment.
  • IP Address – if the quantity update was “From Import” the IP address location where this adjustment event happened will be shown here.
  • Order Number/Account Name – if the Event Source was “From Order” the order number will display here.
  • “From Import” the user account that completed the import quantity change will be shown.