Competitor Analysis

Product Re-Pricing Screen

This page provides a complete breakdown of all product and competitor details for a specific ASIN.

Click here to open Products Re-pricing Inventory page

From here based on reviewing key metrics such as sales rank or competitor data, you can change your MIN and MAX price and save changes. This will immediately send the product to Amazon for re-pricing based on the new parameters you have set.

The first table provides specific information relating to the individual ASIN you have clicked on:

  • Sellers Store Name – your own Merchant ID
  • Account Name – your Seller Account Name the ASIN is found on “Seller Account ABC – Germany” for example as per the names given in Configure when creating the Seller Account.
  • Product Name – the product’s title as on the Amazon Marketplace
  • SKU – your internal Stock Keeping Unit code
  • Item Condition – the item condition level given to be submitted to Amazon usually “Used, Reconditioned or New”
  • ASIN – the Amazon Standard Identification Number associated with the product on the Amazon catalogue.
  • Category – the Amazon category your product is listed in.
  • Sales Rank – the ranking position based on total sales of the product since it was created on the Amazon catalogue within a category. This dictate’s an ASIN’s position in Amazon search.
  • Buy Box Price – the last recorded price winning the “BuyBox” on Amazon for the specific ASIN.

This page also shows details of your currently listed price for a specific ASIN and date/time information for when the last price was uploaded by 247 CloudHub’s Compete module.

For each ASIN a table is also given detailing the pricing situation of all competitors selling the specific product. It details the following:

  • Competitor – the Merchant ID of the competitor you are selling against on the ASIN.
  • Price – the competitor’s selling price for the ASIN.
  • Shipping – the competitor’s shipping cost charged.
  • Total Price – the competitor’s total landed cost (item cost + shipping) for the ASIN. This is the price that governs whether a merchant will win the buy box or not.
  • Featured Merchant – this confirms whether the seller although may not be winning the buy box but still may be featured on the Amazon product detail page as “More Buying Choices”.
  • Buy Box Status – details which of the competitors are winning the Buy Box.
  • Feedback Score – confirms the % positive feedback received by the competitor within the last 12 month period.
  • Availability – confirms if the seller is offering a standard “NOW” based on Amazon predefined 2 working day dispatch requirements or an extended lead time for shipping.
  • Fulfilment – whether the item is fulfilled by the Merchant (seller) or by Amazon (FBA).
  • Shipping Domestic – whether the competitor is shipping domestically to the locale the ASIN is listed to.
  • Shipping International – whether the competitor is offering international shipping options for the specific ASIN.