Adding Amazon Account

Adding Amazon Account


Adding Amazon Account

Adding Amazon Account

For the 247 CloudHub to be integrated with your Amazon Seller Account(s) it is important that you first complete the Configure > Marketplace Accounts section successfully for each account individually.

It is a quick and simple process. It is important to ensure this is complete so that the application can send price feeds for Compete module, will download all unshipped orders from the Seller Account into the “Deliver” module for processing and allow you to manage and update your inventory under Optimise module.

In the Configure Marketplace Accounts screen go to the Amazon tab and select “Add an Amazon Marketplace Account”:

From here you will be taken to Step 1. On this screen give your Amazon Account a name for your internal reference. This is what will be displayed as the name of the Seller Account on any report or dashboard shown within 247 CloudHub.

You will also need to select your Country. Please note for Unified Amazon Seller Accounts each country needs to be added as a separate Amazon Seller Account. Select Next to proceed to Step 2.

You will be redirected to Amazon Seller Central to log into your Merchant Web Services (MWS) account. Please input the details as per the below screenshot and then select “Next”.

The following screen asks you to accept Amazon’s Terms and Conditions of granting our application the rights to access your Seller Account for Orders and Inventory integration purposes. Place a check in both boxes and confirm acceptance. You will then be taken to the final screen:

Go back to the 247 CloudHub application, copy pasting the Seller ID given in the above confirmation screen into the “Seller ID” box. Then select “Next” to go to Step 3.

In Step 3 simply select the “Verify” button to complete the final link between your Amazon Seller Central account and 247 CloudHub. If complete you will then see a “Success” message and will be automatically moved to the Stage 4 “Done!” section.

Once this is complete you can click on the “You Can Proceed Now” button. This will take you to the “View Existing Marketplace Accounts” Summary tab. The screen lists all Seller Accounts and Countries added. You can also Add/Edit any Seller Account Details alongside making them Active/Inactive by clicking on the “Status” switch for any of the accounts listed. The Account Code IDs are provided so you could use them on the file imports.

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