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PDF Print Log

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PDF Print Log

This PDF print log is the first place to come should you need to either reprint documents for an order such as courier labels and packing invoices, or even an entire picking list.

We understand sometimes things go wrong on your browser or you may simply wish to view which user printed what for a specific time period. Go to Deliver > PDF Print Log to view the following screen:

Click here to open Print Log page.

Here you can search for documents printed by a date range and scrolling through pages if necessary. It is also possible to filter based on which user printed the document or document type.

The quick search option allows you to locate the relevant documents for a specific order number or SKU set previously printed and then download a PDF accordingly for printing.

The columns shown on this screen cover:

  • User Name – the name of the user who made the request to print the original document.
  • Document – the type of document whether picking list, invoice or label.
  • Printed By – the name of the user who actually printed this specific document.
  • Date and Time – date and time when the print request was made
  • Order ID – the order ID the documents relate to.
  • Document Download – a link to click on for downloading the document.


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