Adding Products into Compete1

Adding Products into Compete 1 by 1

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Adding Products into Compete 1 by 1

Importing Compete Products in Bulk

Go to Compete > Re-Pricing Inventory. This is a summary page of all ASIN’s imported / added into 247 CloudHub that are to be re-priced. Any SKU’s uploaded within the “Optimise” module set as “Fixed Price” will still show in this dashboard but with a MIN and MAX price of £0.00. These will not be submitted to Amazon.

Click here to open Repricing Inventory page.

To create a product just for re-pricing within Compete, click on the “Add New” button to the top left of the screen.

From your Amazon inventory or directly from its product page on an Amazon site, please provide the ASIN, EAN, ISBN or UPC for the item you wish to re-price against. If using Amazon ASIN it can be found as below on an Amazon product page:

Copy paste this into the “Enter ASIN here” box in Compete then select the Amazon account integrated with 247 CloudHub you wish to add this ASIN to for re-pricing. If you wish to use a Barcode Scanner and want to search and add using EAN/ UPC or ISBN you could do so by selecting the dropdown that is preselected to ASIN.Select “Go”.

Compete will then pull in the product details from Amazon including image. At this point it is important you check the details are correct and you are matching to the correct item in the Amazon catalogue, especially if using EAN or UPC as a reference to pull in Amazon catalogue data due to potential matching errors with incorrect EANs linked to a product.

Next, provide your own SKU reference based on your internal stock code, confirm the item’s condition and specify your MIN and MAX pricing parameters Compete should work between based on the rules you have set within Configure.

If you are shipping this item into Amazon for Fulfilment (FBA) it is important you select the “FBA Product?” check box so it can be identified and the relevant FBA specific rules applied as per those set in Configure.

Once complete, click on the “Add Product” button which will add it to the Compete inventory and immediately enable it for Amazon re-pricing.


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