Customer Services Dashboard1


Our “Service” module is the place to come to check the progress of all orders and view where things are in the various stages of processing and management.

Customer Services Dashboard

Go to Service > Customer Services

It is possible to view and select orders based on

  • a given date range you specify in the From and To Date fields, and clicking search,
  • the Marketplaces and Shipping Services used as per the dropdowns to the top right of the screen.
  • specific intervals in time by selecting our pre-provided shortcuts. These range from the last 24 hours up to a 90 day period.

Upon using a suitable filter it is possible to see based on what you have applied the number of orders in various stages of processing. You can then click on each of the individual stage to further refine your display of orders.

Order stages can be changed from this screen by selecting the orders and clicking the “Change Order Stage” button:

The order number can also be clicked on to view a specific order’s information along with a breakdown of processing times when the order moved stages.

The “Print” button will print an individual summary of this screen in a PDF format, along with populating any tracking references if courier labels were printed from within the Deliver module of 247 Cloudhub.

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