Deliver Graphical Dashboard

Deliver Graphical Dashboard

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Deliver Graphical Dashboard

Go to Deliver > Deliver Graphical Dashboard.

This is a summary screen of all orders and their status in each of the stages of processing:

Click here to open Order Dashboard page.

For each of the order stages where orders are sat it is possible to view a breakdown of orders completed and those still let to do.

It provides a breakdown of each sales channel integrated with 247 CloudHub.

FTP Price Feed Monitor

If you are using our FTP based integration to submit prices automatically from your internal systems to the relevant marketplaces, you can check the status of feeds here:

Click here to open FTP Price Change Log page.

Any price that has been changed and received onto our FTP will be listed here. It will confirm any errors in submission.

You can filter the display based on a date range or search at a specific SKU level to view its price change history.


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