247 Commerce Partners with Gorgias to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

As part of our focus on helping our clients deliver the best possible customer experience, we are thrilled to announce today that we’ve partnered with Gorgias, the top helpdesk for ecommerce brands.  Through our partnership with Gorgias, we can help you unlock digital revenue opportunities and deliver exceptional experiences by prioritizing digital engagement to create deeper, more personalized conversations that increase cart value, drive repeat purchases and improve customer loyalty.   

The helpdesk with a focus on ecommerce, the Gorgias platform drives outcomes through personalization, automation and monetization of customer engagement, the result of which can drive a 35% reduction of cost or increase in efficiency within your customer support. 

Turn Call Centers into Profit Centers 

Gorgias aggregates the customer profile sequentially across all channels (phone, chat, email, SMS, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) so that you can have a conversation with your customers, and view the entire history, all in one place.  Leveraging an e-commerce focused machine learning model, Gorgias automates about 25% of tickets, those which are your most common and repetitive inquiries, such as “where is my order” and “how can I get a refund” so that your support agents can turn their attention to driving sales.  Gorgias detects the customer intent of every ticket and therefore can identify sales opportunities and route tickets to the right sales agents. Through the Gorgias rules engine you can create your automations easily, including setting up a queue for your high value customers, automating facebook likes,  or tagging tickets as urgent. Detect which social browsers may show buying intent and drive a greater return on ad spend by converting these social browsers into buyers. 

Commerce Integrations Personalize Customer Engagement

Through integration into the commerce platforms Magento and BigCommerce, agents can view all order history right in the agent console; saving you time to respond to inquiries by not having to toggle between screens.  Gorgias also integrates with other apps that we already partner with, such as Yotpo, as well as 100+ other ecommerce apps that you may already be leveraging and enriches the customer profile with this data so that support can deliver a more personalized experience – which will increase cart value and AOV.