Blogging tips to generate traffic and increase conversions

For running a successful online store, increasing traffic is an absolute must for long-term success. One of the greatest resources for generating website traffic is blogging.

Blogging helps you build a bigger customer base, driving sales and connecting with your prospective customers on a personal level. It is a great way to keep your audience informed of the latest news, trends, and information related to your brand, products, and industry. Blogging has changed the world of media forever and has impacted customers buying decisions. Find out the ultimate guide to successful blogging here.

Why is Blogging required? 

·  Blogs Drive Organic Traffic

Perhaps the greatest benefit of blogging is its impact on SEO. We all know, when Google checks your website, new diverse content ranks higher! That’s because Google loves the website that is being continuously updated. Also, blogging adds multiple types of pages to your website, the more pages you have, the higher you’ll rank. 

When your pages are linked on other sites, such as social media websites, page rankings skyrocket. Of course, product pages alone won’t get you to the top of search engines. 

·  Blogs Create Social Media Buzz

Nearly one-third of the entire world is an active user of a social media platform, why not increase sales and generate traffic with a little media buzz on it? Social media is a golden opportunity for businesses everywhere to easily market their goods and services.

Direct social followers to your blog and encourage them to “like” and “tweet” your posts. Furthermore, use your own social media business accounts to link back to your blog. 

·  Blogs define Your Business with a Personalised touch

With a blog, you have a daily means of personalising and humanising your company. It will define your brand; who you are, what you stand for, what’s going on with your business and its future, valuable insights, and most importantly readers will know whether your business is up to date on the latest trends. 

Allow readers to post their thoughts and opinions and reply to any feedback and inquiries, that’ll lead to long-term relations. 

·   More Readers, More Leads

Not only it’s important to attract new customers, but targeting repeat buyers is an absolute must to any business’s success. Once you start posting interesting, valuable information on a regular basis, more and more readers will keep coming back on a regular basis. An increase in reader base means a direct increase in sales. 

·   Blogging creates brand awareness

Frequent blog posts help improve the chances of experiencing the limelight. Include your marketing content to not just social media, but news media as well. This is a good way to increase traffic.

·   Blogs Grow your email marketing list

Your blogs are the perfect place to get signups for your email marketing list. Every reader should be considered as acquired lead. Display a popup promoting a newsletter signup to blog visitors and get a chance to convert them.

Tips on how to create the best brand blogs 

·  Pick the Right Colours

Choose a colour scheme that reflects your branding and is colour coordinated with the rest of your website so that the readers unconsciously associate your blog posts with your brand all the time they are reading the blog.

Limit the tones to just two or three colours for a more effective visual influence and select colours that are most appealing to your target audience. 

·  Choose the right Keywords and phrases

The keywords or phrases is what people are typing into the search engines to find what they are looking for.  So, finding the right keywords is very crucial in the first place. 

Using tools like keyword research tool like Moz or Semrush can help you find the right keywords which are the best ones to focus on or include in your blog post to maximise your efforts.

·  Limited Text Fonts

It’s just best to use one font for all headlines and sub topics, and another for all the content. Using more than three font designs will have a messy appearance and definitely give your visitors a headache.  

·  Maximise White Space

Keep in mind that white space is essential for separating different elements of a blog page. Try to maximise your white space to put the focus of readers’ eyes on the relevant content. Instead of using a fancy line to distinguish some parts from the main area, opt for more white space in between.

·  Add Variations in every Post

Keeping design of your blog interesting is essential as it reflects in your actual content or blog posts. This can only be achieved through variety.

Only a well-written article is not enough. It is highly important to also incorporate post-related photos, infographics, and eye-catching images with just a caption or a brief paragraph.

These days, pictures speak louder than words, and videos speak even louder. So, get imaginative, package each blog post nicely, and promote it well.

·  Use Photo Navigators

Instead of mere tabs with labels to click on, you can use images i.e., use photo navigators to link to your product catalog. Having something more visual like a noticeable icon instead of the old-fashioned text button would capture the reader’s attention.

Produce engaging blog content that will help your online store rank on search engines and educate readers to keep coming back for more.

·  Don’t Try to Sell Your Product

Blogging is meant to engage your audience with valuable content related to your business that reflects new trends or technology in your industry, tips and tricks for using your product, or social proof pictures and success stories of customers.

·  Give Your Customer a Voice

Let your customers contribute with positive as well as negative feedback to build trust with your customers. This user-generated content and the customer’s voice draw visitors’ attention. 

·  Clearly Display Links to Your Websites, Social Media, and Other Branded Channels

Don’t use the blog as a direct sales channel, but there’s no harm in diverting the potential customers to your sales channels. Blogs are a non-intrusive way of bringing in new customers.

·  Use SEO

According to a recent SERPS study, 62 %of search users click a link on the first page of search results. So, linking key words and phrases from your blog to your website is a nice way of promoting organic growth and drawing in new customers. 

·  Write a Blog with the Right Word Length

Search engines view longer content as more valuable, say at least 1,000 to 1,500 words in length — the longer the better. However, readers don’t prefer reading blogs longer than 300 to 500 words. So, find a balance here. Have a mix of long and short articles and see which performs better. 

·  Promote Your Blog

Blogging is not just for your existing customers, it’s all about drawing brand-new readers who may become your customers. So, your blog needs to be promoted just like your product. Utilise Your Social Network and various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and the communities you created on these, participate in online Forums related to your industry or at an online community such as Reddit for advertising your blog. 

·  Send Newsletter

Let customers know you’re interested in more than just their money with a helpful and interesting newsletter that serves as an aid/ informational help to them. Send a newsletter sharing your popular blog posts in an email. These types of emails help build relationships and promote loyalty.

·  Syndicate Your Blog

Get your post syndicated by publishing it on other websites related to your industry to generate more traffic and attention from an audience who is unfamiliar with your brand. Make sure you target the most appropriate readers.

Blogging is a Win, win, win! Start Blogging today

Site traffic increase isn’t easy as it requires time, effort, and money. Whether it’s by building your email subscribers list, increasing social media presence, brand marketing to the media, paid ad campaigns, or SEO, gaining traffic is a task.

Fortunately, there is a cost-effective way of steadily and passively driving organic traffic to your online store—and it is by creating blog content. Even if you only post once or twice a month, you have still started building your SEO strength and letting Google know that your online store is updated regularly with the latest trends and tools. 

The blog content pieces with effective keywords are most likely to rank on Google’s first page—and bring in customers who haven’t known your brand. Online shopping blog posts are a great opportunity to showcase deeper on how your featured products can be used.

Providing user-generated content, social proof, helps build a stronger connection with your most valuable customers. 

 So, start blogging today to experience the positive impact of fresh interesting email content on your online store. To ensure you’re doing everything right to succeed in these most competitive markets, use the blogging trend as a weapon, as a resource as it has proven itself as a valuable aid in gaining long-term success.

Along with getting you top rankings, remember Blogging has a personal appeal that can add flare, uniqueness, and veracity to your brand. 

Consistent blogging has shown to have 130% impact on your ROI, say a recent report. And with more than 70% of people ignoring ads and favouring organic listings, you can know how powerful a blog can be.


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