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Customer acquisition is key to acquiring or bringing in new paying customers into your organisation to grow your business. From an eCommerce and content marketing perspective, customer acquisition includes the different tricks you imply to reach potential shoppers who are strong contenders for your selling products or services.

6 Useful tactics of customer acquisition.

Employ the following tactics to boost your customer acquisition strategy on a decided budget. 

1.Plan a scalable strategy and set clear objectives.

To develop a successful customer acquisition strategy, set clear achievable goals. Study your current customers and their spending habits. Use this behavioural information to build customer profiles and find out similar audiences to target who are your potential customers.

Now make a scalable plan to target new customers that will have an interest in your product or service and increase your revenue.

2.Expertise with engaging content and making your products easy to find.

Remember to draw the attention of potential customers, content is always the King. Create content that will give the shoppers informative knowledge to make their decisions along with raising awareness for your brand.

You can use user-friendly tools like Adobe Spark and Adobe Premiere Rush to create high-quality and visually appealing content for social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and for infographics and blogs. 

3.Think omnichannel.

 Find your target audience where they are across all the different channels, to avoid missing any interested buyers.

Use programs’ like Adobe Spark to easily create graphics and then convert them to the appropriate sizes for usage on different social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.. 

4.Keep the Checkout process simple.

67% of online baskets are abandoned during the final stages of checkout time, mostly due to price, ease of checkout process, hidden fees or unexpectedly high delivery costs.

 To combat this problem of basket abandonment, you can, consider free delivery options or full refunds on return, offer a guest checkout option, make the checkout process as easy as possible, and provide multiple payment options.

 5.Retarget the website visitors who didn’t make the purchase.

 If a website visitor just browsed but didn’t make any purchases, don’t give up. Since they’ve expressed interest, you may just need a little push to complete their sale. With measures like ad retargeting and email recovery campaigns, you can get basket abandoners back. Start by segmenting the different types of basket abandonments. After creating the segments, send each group ads on the most effective channels to ring a bell to them about your company and the benefits of buying from you.

 6.Customer retention and rewarding loyalty.

 While magnetising new customers is necessary, customer retention is also important for business growth. Repeat customers are easier to sell to since they already know and trust your products.

Start a customer loyalty program, and reward customers for purchases; this will give them the incentive to buy more from you. 

Increase customer acquisition with Adobe.

Integrated and easily accessible customer data helps you find new customers. Learn to read the clues your clients leave behind, capture online behaviour, create audience segments, and deliver dynamic cross-channel offers.

Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source are loaded with features that help to create a “search engine friendly” website and increase the likelihood of bringing the right customers to your site.

  • Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices for content and site exposure 

  • Custom URLs

Auto-generated search-friendly custom URLs which are short, clean, and easy to streamline your purchase path.

  • Meta Data

Use metadata to help search engines to find and direct your products, category, and content pages more easily. 

  • Sitemap

Create a sitemap at the footer of your store to give visitors an overview of the catalog structure, with links to all categories and products in the store.

  • Analytics

Integrate third-party analytics tools like Google Analytics and New Relic Reporting for thorough statistics on traffic and sales.

  • Engage Your Buyers

Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source help to create a customised, engaging site visitor experience to make it easy to find what they want faster.

  • Content Management

Page Builder helps to create targeted pages with interactive elements that engage your customers. 

  • Design and Theme

Manage the visual elements of your store with a collection of templates to give your store a cohesive look and feel.

  • Multiple Stores, Sites, and Views

Control multiple sites, introduce new markets and track analytics from a single Admin.

  • Multiple Devices

The powerful Commerce features make it effortless to create storefronts optimised for iPhone, Android, and Mobile Opera Browser.

  • Classy Search

Filter products by price, manufacturer, or any other criteria to reduce the time of selection of purchase.

Differentiate and Personalise

  • Create Custom Experiences

Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source offer personalised experiences across multiple channels, based on customer activity, behaviour, and profile.

  • Custom Catalog and Price Lists

Offer to price for specific companies, while continuing to offer the standard regular pricing for general customers.

  • Targeted Segmentation/ Customer Groups

Optimise your marketing promotions based on properties such as customer address, order history, and shopping cart contents.

  • Increase Average Order Value

Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source provide a range of tools to encourage your customers to put more items in their shopping carts and gain more money.

Targeted Promotions


Product Suggestions

Email Reminders

User Permissions and Roles

Sales Order Archive

Index Management

  • Retain Customers

Adobe Commerce and Magento Open-Source assist to get repeat business and build brand loyalty.

Merchandise Return

Store Credit

Reward Points

Custom Coupons


RSS Feed

Other solutions provided by Adobe Commerce include increasing profitability, streamlining your checkout process experience while boosting conversion rates, reducing Ordering Errors, building Loyalty and Advocacy.


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