3 Killer Conversion Boosters for Ecommerce Websites

As a website owner or manager, one of your key tasks should be to make your website to navigate as possible. For ecommerce websites this means allowing your visitors to quickly find and purchase products they are looking for. While, intuitively, it might seem logical to place as many products you can on a single page, studies show that customers are more likely to stay on a page and purchase more products the fewer choices they have. In addition, they will want to see which products add the most value in real-life scenarios. Context is key. Last but not least, support also goes a long way with customers. If a potential client visiting your site sees that support options are available, they are much more likely to perceive it as reliable.

In this Quick Win we’ll show you 3 Killer Conversions to help you boost your ecommerce sales. Focusing on filters, benefits and support, we’ll help you improve your on-site experience and, by extension, the perception of your brand.

Specifically, in this Quick Win you’ll learn how to:

  • Allow your visitors to quickly narrow down their choices on category pages
  • Translate your product specifications into benefits with real value
  • Offer effective and timely customer support to your experience

We have created a worksheet to help you turn this Quick Win into instant results. It contains tasks to encourage you to think critically about your brand, service, and target audience, and should serve as a starting point for applying the knowledge you’ll learn in this Quick Win in your everyday marketing efforts.