eCommerce Specialisation for the students in India

247 Commerce launches the Centre of Excellence in India. The centre is to offer eCommerce Specialisation to undergraduate and postgraduate students in leading universities. Through adding eCommerce concentration to the existing curriculums in the educational institutions.

The centre will create cloud-based labs and internships to provide real life experiences so that the students are job ready from day one. The Centre of Excellence team has put together “eCommerce Specialisation”. It consolidates all skills acquired from technological field over last decade and incorporates extensive feedback from technology partner ecosystem of Adobe Commerce, BigCommerce, Shopify, Amazon, Microsoft, Google etc. These carefully crafted sessions will help students get their first job and succeed in the modern eCommerce market.


The eCommerce Industry in India

The eCommerce industry has grown at an exponential rate, and it has led to a significant shortage of skilled resources in India and rest of the world. For example, Amazon Seller Services, which runs the Amazon India marketplace, reported revenue from operations of Rs 16,200 crore in FY21, up 49% from Rs 10,847.6 crore in FY20. All forecasts suggest a multi fold increase in volume of eCommerce leading to opening up of huge opportunities in the sector.

The retail sector in India has employed 8% of its workforce 3.5 crore. It is expected to create 2.5 Crore new jobs by 2030.


There is huge job and entrepreneurial opportunity for students who come out of education system equipped with Specialist eCommerce knowledge and skillset.



eCommerce Career Paths

Each of the roles in eCommerce field has a lot of career growth potential. For example, eCommerce Manager jobs are in great demand and the demand will continue to grow with more and more SMEs getting into eCommerce. In 2021 itself Amazon has confirmed 10 lac sellers and each of them will benefit from having an eCommerce manager.