Empower Customer Retention with Adobe Commerce

How to create habit loops to keep shoppers intact and returning to your eCommerce store?

Are your product teams agile enough to deliver mind-boggling Product Experiences that retain customers for life?

Customer retention is four times easier for various business models when you build your eCommerce store on Adobe Commerce. Boost your repeat purchases, raise your average order value, and strengthen your customer loyalty over a period of time. For more close connections with your customers, progressive communications, and data insight practices, you must first integrate Adobe Commerce with all its powerful Adobe solutions and analytics. Discover the different intermediate tips and tricks of a mix of best and tangible practices for visitors sharing, attribution exposure, and real-time triggers.

Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source make it effortless even for small businesses to obtain repeat business, customer satisfaction and build customer brand loyalty. Thus, you get total flexibility and the power to create and modify goodies like reward points programs, custom coupons, newsletters, and more.

In this blog post, we shall guide you with effective customer retention strategies that are frequently used by Adobe Commerce merchants.

Tips to keep customers coming back to your store.

Email Marketing Automation

Create professionally well-designed, vibrant email campaigns with live data from your store for your customers, powered by Adobe Commerce.

Product Returns

Customers can put forward requests for product returns from your online store. You only need to create shipment orders within a carrier system and issue shipping labels with RMA numbers on the product page. That will automatically generate a seamless product return experience and build reliability among your online shoppers. With this, they can confidently shop on your web shop, knowing that returns are easy and hassle-free.

Store Credit

To keep your customers happy and gain customer loyalty for a long term, turn the refunds into store credit amounts or virtual gift cards. This will make certain that the money spent on the new products/return items stays at your store.

Reward Points

Based on a wide number of customers behaviours and his/her range of transactions encourage customer engagement with reward programs and reward points. Base the redemption on things like the balanced amount, customer history, and conversion rates.

To drive extensive customer experience and engagement, increasing customer retention rate and promote customer loyalty, the reward points system in Adobe Commerce gives you the power to implement unique planned Reward programs.

Points may be granted based on a wide range of transaction and customer loyalty activities. Customers may redeem these points toward the end of their purchases. You gain more through the conversion rate that you establish between reward points and currency. Few examples:

  • Shopping Cart value Rules
  • Customer Balance amount
  • Redeeming Points
  • Reward Points reimbursements
  • Troubleshooting resources

Customer segments on Adobe Commerce permit you to dynamically exhibit content and promotions to loyal customers, derived from factors such as customer address, shopping history, and shopping cart items, among others. You can optimize Retention Marketing Programs from these targeted segments with the shopping cart price rules. You can also drive reports and get a list of loyal customers. Since the customer segment information needs constant refreshment, customers become associated and dissociated from a segment during shopping in your store.

Focus on Shopping History

Push customers to make return purchases by targeted promotions based on their past shopping history. Adobe Commerce helps you to easily group customers based on their shopping history.

Online vouchers 

Create digital vouchers with appealing offers. And post them on social media for your Instagram and Facebook followers. Or send them via newsletter to your online subscribers.

To redeem any coupon/voucher to purchase, the customer needs to enter the coupon code into his shopping cart, or possibly at the payment gateway at your store. Custom Coupon codes can be sent via emails or included in newsletters, catalogs, and other advertisements. An easy method by that you can exhibit the custom coupons in your brick and mortar store is:

– Emailed customised coupons to eligible customers

With Adobe Commerce, you can use the Adobe Coupon URL Builder to create personalised URLs with custom coupon codes which will be sent through your Adobe email campaigns. 3 Easy dynamic methods to create custom coupons by enabling Adobe Commerce are designing a specific custom coupon, engendering a batch of vibrant coupons, and producing a dynamic Adobe coupon URL.


You can always continue the seller-customer relationship by staying in touch through a newsletter with current customers who’ve opted to receive it. Create newsletters with relevant content for the chosen target audience and send them at regular intervals, without boring them away.

RSS Feed

Enable the RSS Feed option for subscribers and existing customers to automatically receive alerts about any additions to products, special services, digital products, new launches, categories, and custom coupons. A link to all published RSS feeds is provided at the footer of your store.

Adobe Engagement Cloud

Adobe Engagement Cloud gives you the power to generate professional, personalised written communications and remove customer-centric reports using the data from your store. These include:

  • Customer chat history
  • Customise email campaign drives
  • Bring in contacts
  • Add logic through Artificial Intelligence
  • Computerise campaigns
  • Future dated Scheduled campaigns
  • Generate reports
  • Put in Content – Adobe form
  • Release notes

The Adobe integration is a third-party extension that has been thoroughly tested in detail and can be included with any supported version of Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source. Upgrade your instance while updating this extension. And for information related to updates for the extension, check the Release Notes in Adobe developer documentation.

Adobe commerce platform’s product retention strategy has helped many commercial online retailers achieve significant business profits by improving customer retention and enduring higher conversions. By implementing effective email marketing promotions, newsletters, custom coupons & other dynamic features of the app, our clients gained better engagement and higher site visitor conversion. As a result, many stores selling products online have experienced around a 21% increase in customer retention feature adoption in just a few days.

At 247 Commerce we are specialists in Adobe Commerce, consulting leading eCommerce businesses globally and taking their digital transformation forward.

Minal Jain
Minal Jain
Senior Content Writer