How to choose the right eCommerce agency

Key points to consider when you want to choose a new potential agency for your future eCommerce business. 

1. Does the eCommerce agency understand your business goals?

eCommerce agency must include learning about the small businesses and its store products and know its business goals.

A good agency must also try to learn as much as possible about your goals and expectations from your eCommerce online shopping store. 

2. Is the agency promising you full service?

Any smart eCommerce web development agency will first listen to your requests and expectations, and then they will say what all services are possible and what are not. While assisting with eCommerce migration process, the agency must help features including web hosting, marketing tools, gift cards, payment gateways, social media marketing, etc with the approximate time and cost.

3. Find out the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)?

Firstly, set your budget in advance. Next, hire an agency after you take into account the Total Cost of Ownership offered by the agency.  The total cost of ownership refers to all the expenses that arise from the project from post-production, upgrades, web hosting, marketing tools and maintenance.

4. Proactive or Reactive agency?

 eCommerce agency is proactive if its giving you user-friendly solutions and interim servicing even before something becomes a severe issue. The reactive agency is the one working on solutions after something has become a serious issue.

5. How experienced is the agency?

Your eCommerce online store must have all the eCommerce features  including UX/UI/Development best practices implemented. So check the agency’s experience on LinkedIn. Another good source of information is the agency’s portfolio, the agency’s blog section about technologies and trends, and the skills of the people working on your project.  

6. Check agency portfolio

·       Does the agency have enough technical skills and provide customer service in real-time?

·       Does the agency have enough creative skills for your ideas?

·       Is the past result shown satisfactory?

·       Evaluate them by their past projects.

7. Check the blog section

Check the agency’s blog section for proof that an agency is following all the latest new tools in technology, eCommerce platforms, or development, and the latest trends in eCommerce store niche. 

8. Development process

While considering agency selection or eCommerce platform migration, you can always ask the agency to describe to you the process of working and how they ensure quality assurance (QA) and how they go about testing features. You can compare development processes between two or more digital agencies. 

9. Does the agency have the requisite team of experts?

One of the biggest advantages of hiring an eCommerce Magento development agency is that you are, hiring “knowledge” from the entire agency team’s professionals. 

One agency works on various projects of lots of eCommerce companies at a time. Before hiring any agency do check how many of its team members are assigned to your and other projects and how many other projects are they working on? 

10. Is the agency behaving like an agency partner?

 If you are looking for an eCommerce agency, rather look for someone who acts as a partner agency who can help you accomplish your goals, provide user training for successful management, and teaches you on using the eCommerce solution effectively.

11. What makes them stand out?

Check what’s different about the agency you are hiring among several others. 

Are they strictly professional with clients, easy-going with communication, do they have core values, and are they reliable from their knowledge to experience? 

12. Balance between cost, time, and quality

Transaction fees, time and quality is indeed one of the all-time popular questions. Can things be done fast and good, yet cheap?  Is your agency giving you their estimation of time needed for work for all stages of development – from idea stage and design, through development and testing, to the release of the finished project?

Features that Make a Great eCommerce Agency 

1. A good amount of experience and knowledge of your business and its industry ethnographies.

2. They put customers first, treat them as a priority, and have an understanding of the things they want and need. 

3. They must prioritise revenue and returns, should generate leads, and sales revenue consistently for your business, and find ways to cut high-cost areas like shipping or returns. 

4.  Focus on the right metrics and KPIs like:

·      Website traffic rates to increase your traffic at a lower cost over time.  

·      Email opt-ins by building email as a marketing channel and using it to stabilize your cash flow and revenue. 

·      Increasing the Sales conversion rates year-over-year and also tracking both micro and macro conversion.

Let’s Conclude

As more and more people are shifting their offline dollars online, the eCommerce growth will continue to rise. 

Though it is a huge opportunity for eCommerce retailers, it’s a challenge for the businesses that are unprepared for the tough competition that follows. Choosing the right eCommerce agency isn’t rocket science, but it does require the correct information along with a bit of discipline.

Choose the right agency and you will have all the support you need to stand ahead of your competitors. Remember to find out the pros and cons you need to vet the right eCommerce agency. Finally, ensure that the eCommerce agency you pick has the ability to produce the results you need. 


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