FinerFilters Case Study. E-commerce and digital, future-proof innovations

Since 2012, FinerFilters has been providing high-quality water filtration systems to homes and businesses worldwide. They are currently keeping the UK hydrated as the largest water filtration company in the country.

Even though they were digitally and holistically ahead of their nearest competitor, FinerFilters knew it was time for change.

In April 2020 they realised the need to rethink their strategy, migrate and upgrade from Magento 1 to Magento 2 Commerce and redesign their website. In order to make sure they were not just keeping up with the Jones’, but blazing a trail while future-proofing their digital business. Some of the requirements FinerFilters were looking for included:

Upgrade the FinerFilters eCommerce platform adding greater functionality than the existing proposition; as well as updating security settings which was a priority Create a scalable website with advanced marketing tools, including inbuilt CMS and Page builder with a drag and drop interface. (To keep on top of the trends and have total control) Deliver a clean and easy user experience (UX & UI)

With no physical stores, FinerFilters is reliant on eCommerce for survival, especially given the many challenges Covid-19 has presented.

Enter 247 Commerce!

Chris, Managing Director says:

“From my first call with 247 Commerce, right through to the onboarding and workshop calls with our project manager, the communication has been second to none. All the while bringing a local feel to a big business. The whole process has been incredibly well managed. I chose 247 Commerce over many others because of their super personal approach and the fantastic job they do at consulting with their customers. Choosing a company with in-house developers and project managers resulted in a quicker and more efficient process across the board. Their partnership with Adobe was also one of the main factors in my decision making, as being so closely aligned meant access to the best Magento has to offer.”

“After an in-depth consultation process with us here at 247 Commerce, and assessing three different options for the build, FinerFilters felt that a Magento Commerces’, Rapid Deployment Solution (Hyperlink to 247 Webpage for RDS) was the perfect fit due to the timescales, ease, and scalability of the offering. Like water off a duck back!” (Insert Video) (Link below)

With the new interactive website looking sleek, and Magento Commerce system working efficiently in the background, the 2019-2020 YoY figures speak for themselves.

41.9% increase in new users
37% increase in overall page views
40% Session increase