Instant Purchase on Adobe Commerce for instant conversion

You can create a frictionless check-out experience for your online buyers with Adobe Commerce’s Instant Purchase feature. Learn and explore how the Instant Purchase feature (also known as Point of Purchase POP) on Adobe Commerce will increase sales for  big or small businesses.

What is Instant Purchase?

Instant Purchase allows existing customers to have a speedy checkout process using information that is pre-saved in their account. When turned on, the Instant Purchase button appears just below the Add to Cart button on the product page for customers to make an instant point of sale POS.

How to make an instant  purchase 

1. On the eCommerce store, go to the product page of the item to be purchased.

2. After selecting the required items and making the impulse buy decision, click Instant Purchase.

‘Instant purchase’ confirmation dialog will open.

3. Check theInstant Purchase Confirmation information, review it, and click OK to complete the purchase process.

Immediately post purchase, a confirmation message with the order number appears at the top of the product page.

More on One-Click hassle free checkout with Adobe Commerce’s instant purchase

Imagine dropping your checkout time from one minute to less than 10 seconds.Is this possible? Yes, with the ‘Instant purchase’ feature on Adobe Commerce. It’s just similar to Amazon’s “Buy Now” feature we’re all familiar with by now. Search out your product. Add to cart. Click “Buy Now” and confirm your order. The entire transaction is complete in less than 10 seconds.   

When Amazon’s patent on their one-click purchasing technology expired in September of 2018, Adobe Commerce immediately introduced Instant Purchase and it has been active since version 2.2.2.

Adobe Commerce’s Instant purchase empowers your potential customer

Instant Purchase or POS software on Adobe Commerce bestows your customers with the easiest and the quickest checkout process. Once a customer is logged in and clicks the Instant Purchase button on the product page, a pop-up appears confirming his shipping address, billing address, mode of payment, and shipping method. The customer can just verify it and make the purchase. 

There is no need for the customer to re-enter his billing details or shipping details. All of this information will be automatically stored in his account for the best checkout experience for every future purchase. All he needs to do is click the “OK” button and confirm his order.

Customer requirements to enable instant purchase

·      Customer must be signed in to his account.

·      Customer account has a default billing and shipping address stored on his account

·      At least one shipping method is available in the country specified in the default shipping address.

·      Customer account has stored payment method with vault enabled.

For the safety of your customers and your protection, and to secure customer loyalty, credit card information is not stored anywhere in your Adobe Commerce store.

How significant is instant purchase for mobile devices?

Some people prefer to shop on a laptop or desktop rather than a mobile device. Simply, because it’s easier to search for products, add them to the cart, and enter the shipping and billing information with a keyboard. It’s surely a hard job to enter your shipping and billing information on a Smartphone no matter how big your screen is. 

But Adobe Commerce’s Instant Purchase removes this hassle. With just a few taps, a customer can complete his purchase fast with this crucial mobile eCommerce feature.

You may also experience a higher conversion rate since it encourages buyers to make an immediate purchase, instead of following the entire long check-out procedure and arriving at the shopping cart just to see unexpected additional tax, shipping costs, and finally abandoning the cart. 

Google research states that 73% of consumers switch from a poorly designed mobile eCommerce site to an easier one for an instant purchase experience. Your mobile eCommerce site must be optimised for mobile shopping and checkout to cater to the needs of your mobile shoppers or you will lose them.

How to create frictionless checkout experience for our online customers

Shopping cart abandonment is a real problem for eCommerce stores. As per statistics, 69.23% of eCommerce shopping carts are abandoned mainly because customers expect a seamless, easy, and frictionless shopping experience. eCommerce websites can survive only by their conversions. No matter how much traffic your website is generating or how cool your site looks, if your website visitors aren’t converting, your eCommerce site won’t make money.

So what are the pain points of your online customers restricting them from completing their order? Adobe Commerce helps you with some useful tips to improve your checkout process, reduce abandon rates, and boost your website checkout conversions & brand equity.

1. Add many check-out buttons – For website visitors to make a purchase, they need to be able to navigate to your checkout page. And checkout buttons must be clearly labeled at various points of purchase displays.

2. Secured checkout process – Security needs to be a top priority for your online buyers. If your pages aren’t trustworthy, shoppers won’t want to buy anything.

3. Reduce the number of form fields – Avoid long and complicated checkout processes to have high conversion rates. Simplify the process by getting rid of unneeded steps.

4. Offer a guest checkout option – A website visitor need not have a customer profile to convert. Forcing people to compulsorily create an account could be hurting your conversions.

5. Make shopping on mobile devices easier – We are all living in a mobile world today where around 62% of people use their smartphone devices to make impulse purchases online. 

6. Use eye catching images for showcasing items – Instead of just listing your products, show the customer images of what they’re buying to draw customer’s attention. Even small videos of the product can do wonders.

 7. Provide multiple payment options – The payment step is ultimately the most important aspect of a checkout procedure without which the transactions can’t happen. Adopt newer and unconventional types of payment modes as well for higher conversions. 

8. Assist with important FAQs – If you address the shopper’s doubts, you can increase your conversion rate. So place the FAQ section towards the top of the page or below the page.

9. Help visitors with live chat – Test having a 24/7 live chat option on your checkout page with someone who will respond to customer queries immediately at check-out time.

10. Gift cards/Social proof/ testimonials – Adding corporate logos, or testimonials from your current/past customers with their full name, location or even picture can help your potential customers with the assurance that you are offering a good product or service. Additionally, you can also add gift cards.

11. Offer free shipping or Let shoppers know their shipping costs early in the checkout process – Shipping costs play a major role in cart abandonment. Try not to charge for shipping or else you can raise the prices of your items by adding the shipping costs into the base prices.

 12. Set up an auto-fill system for billing/shipping fields for returning customers – Set up the check-out form such that it auto-fills the information for returning customers like email address, name, billing address, and shipping address.

13. A data-driven approach to dealing with cart abandonment – If you want to study the exact cause of your shopping cart abandonment, Google Analytics is the tool to be used. It’s simple and gives you a step-by-step play for your next marketing campaign.

Shortly, Instant Purchase powers your customers in the same manner as Amazon’s Buy Now feature. This can increase your conversion rates, prevent cart abandonments, and raise brand awareness too. It is a game-changer for your Adobe Commerce store.

Getting higher conversions with POS solutions for your eCommerce checkout process isn’t difficult with Adobe Commerce. Follow the tactics above and enjoy a nice lift in your checkout page conversion rate and brand recognition. 



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