Making the most out of Black Friday 2022

Since 2019, Black Friday has rapidly established itself as one of the UK’s busiest shopping days, especially for online shopping. A few years back, Black Friday was the first time online sales in the UK exceeded £1 billion in a single day and with over £3.3 billion spent online from Black Friday through to Cyber Monday.

With all these potential customers browsing online for a great deal, look out for some simple ways to drive the highest revenue from black Fridays and prepare your online shop to take full advantage of the Black Friday rush like all other major retailers.


Black Friday was the first time online sales in the UK exceeded £1 billion in a single day and with over £3.3 billion spent online.

1.     Running a Black Friday promotion

Giant Marketplaces like Amazon and eBay will be running their own Black Friday promotions soon. With some planning and preparations and price cuts, it can be pretty simple to run a Black Friday sale for your own store and online shop.

·      Black Friday is in November, so it’s time to list the product or services you’re going to include in your Black Friday sales and start ordering stock. 

·      Include a few of your best-selling items at a really low price to draw in customers to your store. Not only will it help to clear out old stock, but will be useful to run up offer deals at Christmas. Examples of useful campaigns include- Big Ticket Items, Big Brand Price Drops, Big Saving, Biggest Discounts, Black Friday Deals Store,

·      Many retailers offer deals including a small discount across all products, slashing prices, promo codes, voucher codes, or free shipping to encourage sales. 

·      Send out an email to your customers, talk about it on your social media channels, and promote your sale on the website homepage just before and during Black Friday. 

2.     Preparing for a successful Black Friday

To guarantee a successful Black Friday sale, you must promote your sale so that your customers know about it. Additionally, you must also be prepared to handle the increase in orders and provide great customer service.

3.     Make your website mobile friendly

Almost 50% of people shop on their smartphones and tablets and this is increasing dramatically each passing year. So, making your online store mobile-friendly is one of the most important things to do before Black Friday. 

4.     Email marketing campaign

Use your customers’ behaviour to send them more relevant personalised email product recommendations that can lift your site traffic, conversion rate, and revenue. Send emails with subjects like Discount on Black Friday, Early Birds Offers, Early Black Friday Deal, Great Black Friday, Great Discount, Great Offers, Great Price, Huge Discounts, and many more.

5.     Extend your sale duration

If you are a smaller online shop, many visitors to your website may likely crash it down. So, it might be worth extending your sales durations into the next weekend after the Black Friday weekend is over. 

6.     Extend your fulfilment times

If you’re also selling on a marketplace besides your website and you’re anticipating a high number of orders, you may extend your dispatch times by a day or two. It’s always better to deliver earlier than the decided delivery dates, rather than disappoint them with delays.

7.     Don’t oversell- Keep an eye on your stock levels

When you’re selling across multiple eCommerce marketplaces and offering big discounts, you must keep an eye on your stock levels. Have a stock control system that can accurately measure levels across platforms, so you can’t oversell and disappoint customers. 

8.     Be different… and don’t play along

Whilst Black Friday seems to be here to stay and almost all brands Including small businesses feel the need to be involved, some are actually making a point of not following the crowd.

Key Takeaways

As every business is different, there’s no one size fits all approach to nailing your Black Friday campaigns but consider in the run-up to Black Friday 2021. Carefully plan out a calendar of promotions so you’re not in a hassle at the last moment.

Create a buzz and then make a big splash just weeks before Black Friday and have enough momentum to run into the Christmas season.

Plan your content marketing, creatives, social campaigns, landing pages, blog posts, and discount codes well in advance to get stay prepared and automate any rollout.

Focus on what’s best for your business and make sure you put your customers at the core of your marketing activities.


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