Prepping your online shop for Mother’s Day sales

With Mother’s Day 2022 on the horizon, online shoppers start to look for the perfect gift now. We’ve picked out five key things that will help you boost your online sales this year.

  1. Updated home-page banner

Set a home-page banner to remind your online visitors about an upcoming occasion. Mother’s Day banner not only stimulates those who are looking for a gift but also serves as a reminder for those who are not. The visual can be either a lifestyle image or just a picture that puts a spotlight on the right products.

  1. Landing page

Landing page with a wide range of choice just makes the life of your online visitors easier. The key is to have a variety of products that different customers can choose from. Use detailed product information for each, it can improve the buyer experience and can help increase the chances for conversion. Such as, provide variant attributes for all product where a product variation exists. Examples include colour, material, and size.

  1. Digital gift cards

Gift card sales have soared during the second half of 2020. Gail Cohen, Director General at the Gift Card, and Voucher Association says: “There is no doubt that gift cards and vouchers have grown in stature over the last 12 months, with digital vouchers coming to the rescue of consumers looking to purchase that special something for loved ones. We have seen an impressive growth story in gift card market over the las 4-5 years, and this £7bn UK industry presents a real opportunity for retail business.” (2021)

  1. Advertising through social media and PPC

Remind your brand and its Mother’s Day offerings to the warm and lookalike audiences on social media. Your potential customers are out there, scrolling, looking for the perfect gift for the occasion. Mother’s Day can be a perfect time for you to capture your potential buyers or followers on social media. But you need to get creative and produce high-quality content as the ad space has become more competitive. “In 2021, social media app Instagram had a total of 28 million UK users. Instagram was most popular amongst 25 to 34 years olds, accounting for approximately a third of users.”(Statista Research Department & 20, 2022).

Grow your keyword list based on popular and seasonal searches. And remember, not all of your website visitors convert on their first visit. First, they may be searching gift ideas or comparing the prices you have to your competitors. That gives you a perfect opportunity for remarketing on search and display to lure them back in. Practice tip: create two or three different display ads. One visual can appeal to some users more than the other.

  1. Last order date

Last but not the least, make sure to put a last order date for Mother’s Day delivery. You don’t want to leave anyone frustrated on this special occasion, neither the customer nor the mother.


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Mariam Lipartia
Mariam Lipartia
Senior Digital Marketing Manager