247 Shop CMS: Magento BlueFoot Reinvented

Magento acquired BlueFoot several years ago, bringing a much needed tool to thousands of Magento 2 users. Featuring simple, intuitive drag & drop functionality, BlueFoot enables users to edit and add products with ease.

However, at present, BlueFoot is not included in Magento 2. In order to benefit from its rich functionality, you have to buy it as an extension – adding further cost to the platform. To address this problem, we have developed our own bespoke 247 Shop CMS, with all the exact same functions and more.

Whether you are used to using BlueFoot and are seeking to migrate your site over to Magento 2, or if you’re interested in BlueFoot, but put off by the price tag, our custom CMS gives you access to all the benefits without any of the additional costs.

Below we’ll look at all the on-site elements, from category title to image upload, you can alter with our bespoke 247 Shop CMS.


BlueFoot Improved: Introducing 247 Shop CMS


Category Name, titles, button text and URL


Upload Image




Revert or Modify SKUs 




Change product text



Upload category image/enter category name


Bringing together all the elements of BlueFoot with streamlined functionality and improved ease of use, our 247 Shop CMS enables you to run your store as if you were programming in the back end. Eliminating the new for the clunky out of the box WYSIWYG, our 247 Shop CMS enables you to create complex designs and functionality without the need for any technical expertise.

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