Top IT skills for 2022

Top 10 IT skills that will help you land your dream job in Tech

The rapidly growing world of technology in 2022 is definitely going to see increasing demand for IT skills and IT-related jobs. Very soon IT technology will showcase a dramatic impact on the business world and the whole world will witness it and this evolutionary transition will create new jobs in the process.

Most industries such as banking and manufacturing are today investing profoundly in new technologies. And job roles that require superior digital skills, like coding, app development, AI and data science will be considered most prominently. Due to this new era of digital transformation, many companies are struggling to fill in the new roles in the IT department. It’s definitely the right time to pursue a career in IT, due to the growing in-demand of skilled IT professionals. Even if you have basic IT skills, you can still open doors to career advancements and salary hikes, with 247 Commerce’s Top Highest-Paying IT Certifications.

Technology has become the backbone of most businesses in the modern world that are using some form of technology or IT on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, you must understand the important Top IT skills and elements that are going to matter in 2022, so that you can make sure that you’re skilled in these areas. Not only will this improve your chances of securing the best IT employment opportunities but will also enhance your performance in your current role.

Listed below are the most important, in-demand IT skills and elements that you’ll need to master in order to meet the required job skill demands of 2022 and beyond and set you apart from the growing competition.

1. Cybersecurity
Cybersecurity is on top of our list. Today in many ways almost all companies rely on IT and the internet as all important data and sensitive information are typically stored digitally. Businesses can’t afford to endure security breaches as it can result in losing clients and tarnished reputation. This has resulted in growing demand for obtaining cybersecurity skills to put yourself above your competition.

2. Cloud-Native
With the help of Cloud-native you can build and run applications that offer on-demand limitless computing power on both public and private clouds. Cloud-native platforms are extremely useful as it automates infrastructure provisioning and configuration, and also allocates resources based on these applications.
Cloud-native platforms support applications to run on any public or private cloud without alteration. This platform automatically monitors and resolves issues that previously would have needed manpower. Every business has to use the cloud whenever and however they can, so the more educated you are in this area, the better your employment scenario will be.

3. Data Fabric/ Data Management
Data exists almost everywhere throughout organisations in all departments. It’s difficult to know where it is or what to do with it. Either it is soiled, stored in databases, data centres on premises, data stores, various applications at the network edge, remote offices, or somewhere on multiple available clouds.
A data fabric presents a cohesive, reliable, optimised view of packaged data, in real-time, irrespective of where it might reside. With the help of data fabric, IT personnel can supervise the capture data, cataloging, management and delivery system of an organisation’s data and retrieve the data when needed. IT engineers are responsible for how the data gets onboarded, cleaned, labeled, used for consumption and shared among team members.

4. AI Engineering
Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineering is a fast evolving discipline focused on developing tools, systems, and processes that are similar to human behaviour and application of this artificial intelligence in real-world circumstances.
AI engineers are specialised to build AI models that use Machine Learning algorithms and Deep Natural Networks to figure out business insights that can be used in making vital decisions that affect the entire organisation.
Not only must the ability to develop and maintain AI systems, AI engineers master the art of deep understanding of programming, software engineering and data science engineering. AI engineering covers the entire process of data beginning with sensing the input data, collecting the data to finally storing it so that the data can be used. Basically AI engineers need to compute, filter and purify the data, identify the patterns and train a Machine Learning algorithm to make right predictions to make data-driven decisions more automated one.

5. Tech support and Helpdesk
Other Top IT skills of 2022 include the Tech support and help-desk services. When the whole framework of modern businesses is built upon digital platforms, it is our duty to ensure that these digital networks are fully operational at all times. While traditionally they had been outsourced, it has become very necessary to bring help desk experts in house so that there are fewer operational problems. This is why help-desk skills are worth mastering in 2022 and beyond.  

6. Privacy Enhancing Computation
Privacy-enhancing computation (PEC) is a group of various expertise that help businesses provide the utmost level of private data protection while maintaining privacy or security measures. Today 50% of large organisations will implement privacy-enhancing computation to process their customer data since the amount of data generated and processed each day is enormous with more and more data points being collected like credit card data, names, addresses, age, income, and items ordered. PEC technology helps to structure, manage and protect this data using a variety of techniques.

7. Project Management and planning
Project management and planning skills demand will only continue growing in the modern business world. To enhance its position as a major asset for modern businesses, Project managers must possess few IT skill sets to successfully communicate and execute project requirements and strategies.

8. IT Architecture Strategies
The configuration of hardware and software platforms, transactions, services, communication networks, client databases, and various applications are together the architecture of any enterprise. IT architects study how these components help or constrain the enterprise, and how these components are organised, configured and help the business reach its desired future state.
It’s important to embrace IT architecture planning skills to bring up the business.

9. Blockchain
Blockchain is the latest and an important technology across business and finance sectors worldwide. There has been a lot of investment in blockchain technology over the last few years, which grows a higher demand for job candidates with this skill set.

10. Mobile Development
Smartphones have become an inexorable part of the business world today and hence Android and iOS app developers are so much in demand these days. Most companies look for scalable options and work to streamline its business for a mobile platform for its audience. The need for skilful mobile developers will only increase as Mobile-only platforms are becoming much more mainstream today.
All these skills and expertise that were already prevailing in the IT sector, are more likely to play an even more prominent role in 2020. Companies today hire individuals who are not just tech-savvy, but also skilled and expert in all areas of technology revolution.
So master these IT skills and become more employable, gain a competitive edge over others and there is no doubt that 247 Commerce will help put you on that right path.




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