Voice Search optimisation for driving conversions

In the last 10 years, the universal adoption of online search has occurred as the most notable shift for finding business information. Today, on average, a digital user spends 2 times more online, and 10 times longer on his mobile phone than earlier.

Similarly, a growing number of consumers, especially the millennials are now using voice assistants to find products and services through voice search engines.

Thus, Voice search is clearly on the rise. It has shown tremendous growth in use and popularity, mainly because its accuracy has improved a lot. It provides endless value to users, mainly those who aren’t hands-on with their enabled devices and find it easier to simply speak into their microphones.

If you’re not already optimising your site for this growing technology trend, you could be missing out on big-time sales while other competitive brands, may capture the voice search market share.

Voice search is also an essential part of conversion rate optimisation. So, now is the time to start researching and experimenting with your site content and design to help the growing number of voice searchers.

Let’s dive deep into voice search technology and find out the tools needed to get started with voice search optimisation.

What Is Voice Search Optimisation?

Instead of typing manually into a search box, using your voice to search for information on the Internet, is called Voice Search.

We all have used devices at our home like Alexa or Google Home or even on our smartphones, where we’ve used our own voices for searching information on the internet.

Voice search optimisation focuses on improving your online visibility for conversational voice search results by earning the featured snippet —By increasing your online visibility, voice search SEO 2022 can contribute to helping your company thrive.

To enable the best voice search results, search engines go way beyond just scanning for keywords to help deliver the right results in a quick time. Popular voice assistants like Siri and Alexa leverage conversational artificial intelligence (AI) for this.

Over time, the growing usage of voice search tech has resulted in more conversations.

Why is Voice Search optimisation important?

·      Today more than one billion voice online searches are happening every month; so, investing in voice search optimisation is a smart choice.

·      To meet the needs of evolving voice tech a fresh approach to voice search optimisation is the need of the hour.

·      51% percent of consumers today use voice assistants, and 81 percent use voice search on their smartphones.

·      A whopping 70 percent of consumers are still not using voice search to find product information online. So, to stand out, whether it’s through text search or voice search, you need to deliver the right and quick information to your potential voice customers, so they don’t go elsewhere.

·      To get a better understanding of your prospects and start with search engine optimisation, you must know the age group of your visitors, find out are your visitors mostly local or remote, and if selling high-value items, you must remember voice assistant technology is better suited to lower-value goods.

·      Voice search SEO improves your online visibility. If you want to reach your target audience, you must prioritise search as 80% of consumers make Google, Bing, and Yahoo their first stop when looking for a new product or service online.

·      Voice search SEO plays an important role in increasing your website traffic. Just like long-tail keywords dominate voice search, featured snippets also give plenty of opportunities for voice search to drive traffic to your website.

·      With voice search optimisation, Google Assistant, Siri, or Amazon Echo refer your company when a user asks for any restaurant, stationery, or clothing store near them. Thus, it helps to boost your conversion rates.

·     Voice search SEO supports driving your total revenue. Whether your conversion is a sale or an account sign-up for your email data, voice search optimisation creates revenue. 

·      Lastly, it improves your brand awareness. Better brand awareness means more traffic which can lead to several other benefits, like more conversions and more revenue for your business.

How to optimise your eCommerce website for voice search?

Win your customers with Voice Search with these simple tips.

1.   Identify your customer’s questions

Know who are your best prospects and what questions they’re asking. Go beyond the search terms they are using to really understand the actual questions which they ask your voice assistants.

Voice based searches are more conversational and are a bit longer. Try a tool like Answer the Public, which takes your keyword and shows you a bunch of questions visitors is asking around that keyword. 

2.   Improvise Your Content with Featured snippet testing

 Content is king. The general types of snippets are:
Non-featured snippets that include – 

  • Rich answer snippets (quick facts, such as “size of Earth?”);
  • Knowledge graphs (usually a gallery of photos)
  • Rich snippets (snippets about product reviews, product availability, pricing, and photos)

Featured snippets include – 

  • Paragraph – complete description to answer those questions by users
  • Numbered list – step-by-step process, recipes
  • Bulleted list –ranked items, features list
  • Table – prices, rates, statistics
  • YouTube – videos

Few places you can improve your content are the blog page and informational page to catch the eye of voice tech. Attempt to incorporate the questions your users are asking into posts to get the attention of voice assistants. Don’t just drop keywords into the header or body; integrate the keywords of the actual question into the post. You can also create content for different types of search engine result pages to serve the purpose of answering the commonly asked questions to the voice assistants. 

3.   Voice search SEO

Acquiring the number one position is a goal for standard SEO, but it’s a must for voice search SEO. When it comes to voice search, the value of position one is unparalleled.

Voice assistants — like Siri, Google Home and Amazon Echo — use the featured snippet to respond to users search. So, if you’re not in position one, you’re not going to appear to the consumers that use voice search.

With such a high predicted growth of voice search by 2022, it’s a must to start voice search optimisation for conversational search results or you will lose valuable website traffic, valuable leads, and revenue.

4.   Conversational search results

A conversational search result is an answer to conversational keywords or long-tail keywords.

For example, a user researching pet food may search for, “types of pet food,” but on their voice speaker, they may ask, “What are the different kinds of pet food?”

Even the location of a user may ask your voice assistant, “Where are some restaurants in my city?” or you may say, “restaurants near me?”

5.   Keyword research

Researching thoroughly on keywords is a core part for voice search SEO services. It’s essential that your team uncovers all the keywords that your target audience uses. This can help you build a competitive strategy for voice search optimisation.

When researching potential keywords include Volume, Cost-per-click (CPC), and Competition factors. Remember to analyse the user intent behind a keyword.

6.   Content creation

Next, is creating the write content for your voice search strategy. Consider a few factors, including your industry, target audience, and goals. Hire a copywriting team or have an in-house team, that has experience in all technical and non-technical aspects.

Optimise your web pages for search engines and users including your images and headings.

Over To You

Voice search can drastically improve the user experience of your customers. If your business has still not been optimised for voice search, it’s time to accept the trend and add it to your current SEO strategy. 

Optimising for voice now is one of the best things you can do for your brand because its growing popularity and usage over time. More and more people are shifting to voice search assistants to get quick, easy access to information without having to use their hands. 

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