Wicked tips to boost your online Halloween sales this spooky season

Hey Hey Hey…. It’s Halloween Time! Time for some action. Time to get all of the skeletons, ghosts, wizards, and zombies out in force and have some fun.

Wait, does that even mean, — it’s time for some Halloween advertising?

2022 has already witnessed some fright nights & unexpected events. So, all the retailers can hope that Halloween will be a chance for a quirky holiday with some scares and lots of fun. Halloween shoppers look ready to spend money and enjoy this spooky time. For most top eCommerce companies in the UK, Halloween is a big deal, with consumers spending approx. $9 billion on the holiday every year.

The eCommerce market needs to take advantage of these Halloween shopping trends and get ready with their spooktacular marketing ideas. Yes! To augment your online store’s sales this coming Halloween holidays, you’ll need to implement some serious Halloween marketing ideas.

Read on the blog to get some good Halloween Marketing Ideas that will assist your business in making a remarkable profit this year. 

Halloween is celebrated every year on the 31st of October by many people around the world, mainly in the United States, the UK, and Canada. It touches on the basic aspect of human life: that is the link between the living and the dead.

On the night of October 31, Celts celebrated Samhain when it was considered that the ghosts of the dead returned to earth.

Trends in the Halloween Sales & Marketing Numbers Over the Years:

·   As per a recent poll by The National Retail Foundation, 74 % of Millennial believe that Halloween is more significant this year than in the past.

·   As per the National Retail Federation, Halloween shoppers globally plan to spend approx $92.12 for an overall projected $8.058 billion in sales.

·   The National Retail Federation claims not just 18-25 years of age folks, but 25-35 years and 36-45 old people also plan to celebrate hard on this spooky occasion.

·    Halloween is the fourth most popular holiday next to Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter which gets consumers to shop more.

9 Spooky Halloween Marketing Ideas to Boost Sales in 2022!

1. Opt for a Spooky Halloween Theme

To bring a solid Halloween effect to your eCommerce site give a spooky look to your homepage by moving to a scary custom Halloween-based theme.

Not only will it give clear attention to site visitors, but it will also make it clear, that your site is Halloween-ready. 

2. Add Halloween to all your Branding elements

Add some Halloween effects to your branding elements like your logo, slogan, story, etc to make your website or app spooky. You may even temporarily change your logo to a catchy and spooky one just for the Halloween season. 

3. Switch to Halloween-themed Social Media Profiles

To show your audience that you are Halloween festival ready, inject some Halloween feel into your common social media profiles, like Facebook and Instagram. Customise Halloween-themed profile photos and cover images to attract likes, comments, and shares from your Halloween-obsessed followers. 

4. Create a Dedicated Landing Page

Create an engaging Halloween-themed landing page to drive more visitors to your eCommerce site, acquire new customers, improve conversions, create brand awareness, and make more sales.

5. Give a Halloween touch to Your Products online

Consider adding a line of Halloween-themed Shirts, T-shirts, furniture, toys, food products, etc to your existing non-Halloween product line. In short, make sure to give a Halloween twist to your existing catalog.

6. Run spooky Campaigns

To rocket sales this Halloween season, consider going spooky. Opt for Halloween-themed campaigns on different social media handles, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also try Spooky Banner ads on your eCommerce platform as they are capable of quickly grabbing users’ attention.

7. Send Out Halloween-themed Emails

Make your emails Halloween-themed based by adding scary elements and pictures such as pumpkins, bats, ghouls, and witches. If themed properly and designed creatively, these kinds of emails can drive a huge number of Halloween-obsessed customers to your eCommerce websites, leading to a great boost in your sales.

 8. Optimise the Mobile Version of Your Halloween Website

Since more than half of online shopping is through smartphones, you must design a mobile-responsive website or optimize your existing website to a spooky Halloween-themed based mobile website. 

 9. Post Scary Creatives for a Scary Halloween

Prepare Facebook posts, Insta stories, and tweets with engaging content having Halloween designs before the big day. Use hashtags such as #trickortreat #Halloweendeals #Halloweensales to increase your post visibility. Come up with creative ideas to create images and videos that will shake your audience.

Add some Halloween-ish look to your social media pages i.e., spider webs, pumpkin decorations, bats, or changing color schemes.

Finally, remember- Halloween is a Celebration for All!

Today, not only homes are decorated with Halloween decorations like lighted pumpkins, candles, and others, but even many businesses are deeply involved in Halloween-based parties, get-togethers, and picnic celebrations to enjoy the spooky season.

Large parties where participants wear frightening costumes are held, making it excellent news for niche business uplift. 

Make this year’s Halloween sale the scariest discount ever and décor your online presence with something fishy yet interesting Halloween effects to boost your sales this time of year.

When your consumers are already floating in the Halloween spirit, shouldn’t your eCommerce store join the fun?

Prepare your brand for Halloween NOW. Let’s get started!


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