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Integrated with Gateway Ticketing and Magento

E-commerce for Tickets is a complex process flow. The 360 page API document did pose a challenge at the start with no prior ticket integration experience! However, the can-do attitude of our team has never let our customers or us down! After looking at the great success of online ticket sales, Courses were also added for selling through the Magento platform.

After our smooth Online Course Sales integration to Magento history repeated for itself! Product Manager Eva Lapirova at V&A said: “Since What’s On has launched, it has enjoyed a healthy and stable life, selling around six tickets a minute. We looked after it in our Digital Media nest for about two weeks after it was born. During this time our Learning Academy courses for 2017/18 also went live and within the first day we had sold 207 courses, with sales peaking at £20,000 in the first 3 hours.”

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