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eBay Inventory Management


eBay Inventory Management
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eBay Inventory Management

Without access to an external inventory tool, eBay sellers must list items manually. For large-volume merchants this can be increadibly time comsuming and potentially result in costly mistakes - e.g. duplicates and listing errors.

To truly transform your business and join the ranks of the world’s fastest growing businesses, it’s crucial to be able to manage and maintain your inventory quantities, suppler lists, locations and sales channels as efficiently as possible.

An inventory management system you acess to all this and more. It allows you to seamlessly manage all the inventory, orders, couriers, tracking IDs, pick lists (and many other metrics) for your eBay marketplace. 

With a reliable inventory management platform, you can easily and accurately track stock in real-time across multiple locations and channels, consolidating all systems into a single, integrated warehouse solution.

Here are some of the main benefits for using an inventory managenent system:

Supplier Integration

The ability to integrate with your suppliers should be one of the key features of any inventory management platform you are planning to purchase. 

Integrating with suppliers gives you instant access to supplier catalogues and product quantities, enabling you to see how soon you need to reorder.

As well as saving you time by eliminating the need to visit your supplier’s own website or database, supplier integration increases customer satisfaction.

By avoiding over sales - where stock has yet to be replenished – you will in turn avoid negative feedback on eBay: a reputation-challenger that can be hard to recover from.

Bundle Products

Now recognised as an essential weapon in every seller’s arsenal, eBay now allows you to bundle products together.

By bundling products, you can help move items that aren’t selling (or selling in low quantities) by offering them together with more popular products.

While these kinds of multi-product listings can be difficult to process on your own, with eBay inventory management, you can manage inventory levels with ease.

In addition to setting which products can be bundled together, you can also set additional parameters such as shipping, weight and price range.

Check Stock/Update Stock

No matter how on top of your inventory you are, it’s easy to lose track of what you have in stock; and almost inevitable when moving large quantities.

As a result, you may find that a customer has made an order which you cannot fulfil. This can lead to a dissatisfaction and, potentially, negative feedback.

To avoid getting caught out by last-minute shortages, a reputable inventory management system should have a check stock/update stock function.

This should enable you see changes in stock levels in real time, and automatically set reorder levels where stock falls below a certain threshold.

As well as saving time, stock management features vastly reduce the risk of human error and the risk of your customers ordering stock you don’t have.

Enhanced Forecasting

If you are a high volume eBay seller with long lead times, you will almost certainly need an inventory system with advanced forecasting.

In practice, this means you receive low inventory alerts to ensure you do not overlook your diminishing stock levels.

Based on past sales and projects, inventory management software can generate purchase orders to automatically replenish popular products.

In addition, such features make it much easier to plan for seasonal activities – where demand for certain items is likely to rise or decline.

Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)

If you’re active on Amazon, your inventory management solution should allow you to complete eBay ordering via the Fulfilment by Amazon service

This service is invaluable when it comes to fulfilling orders you otherwise wouldn’t have the time to prepare or the resources to deliver.

With FBA, you simply pass the item on to a nearby Amazon fulfilment warehouse. From there, the item(s) is packed and shipped on your behalf.

Perfect for ensuring you never miss a sale across multiple listings, this is a feature you inventory management solution should be without.  

Auto-fill Listings

In order to save time listing pre-existing items, your inventory management system should allow you to pull data from existing listings.

One of the biggest challenges to listing items is increasing efficiency, and this is one feature where hours can be saved just by one simple function.

With auto-fill listing, you can use an existing listing either as a template for a new one, or to create a product listing based on a similar item.

Enabling you to streamline an otherwise painstaking process, this feature should be a part of your everyday arsenal – particularly where you are trading in high volumes.

Introducing 247 CloudHub

With a cloud-based inventory management system you can save time with automatic inventory updates across all sales channels. Ideal for retailers with multiple warehouses and complex stock management workflows.

247 CloudHub software features all the above functions, while enabling you to easily and accurately track stock in real-time, across multiple locations and channels - consolidating all inventory systems into a single, integrated warehouse solution.

But that’s not all – where most companies only provide inventory management for a single platform, our solution is truly multi-channel – meaning you can sell and promote across many different channels at once.

Key Benefits of CloudHub:

Intuitive, easy-to-use interfaceRapid set up and easy onboarding process:

  • Continuous real-time inventory updates
  • Sync stock between websites and marketplaces
  • Eliminate repetitive order management tasks
  • Display customer activity in a single view
  • Fully control multichannel pricing
  • Real-time reporting with bespoke filtering tools

Highly customisable and featuring modular architecture, CloudHub provides you with all the tools to rapidly scale your online operations across multiple websites and marketplaces. From key warehouse operations to stock and order fulfilment processes, CloudHub is the complete package.

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If you want to demo CloudHub or discuss its features, please get in touch with us at: 0208 940 7011 or fill out our form here.

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