eBay Marketplace Management: Reporting & Analytics

eBay Marketplace Management: Reporting & Analytics


eBay Marketplace Management: Reporting & Analytics
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eBay Marketplace Management: Reporting & Analytics


Having access to a dedicated reporting and analytics suite is now essential for any large-scale online business trading on eBay.

Analytics and reporting not only show you where your traffic is coming from, but which product-lines and offers are producing the most sales, thus enabling you to forecast future sales and tailor your marketing strategy

While eBay enables you to get a good overview of your sales and transactions details, there are limitations for those who want to take their business to the next level. To gain details insights into your product sales and traffic, you will need an in-depth reporting & analytics tool.


Best Sellers

Knowing which products are generating the most sales over time is the key component for any eBay analytics tool. With this data at your disposal, you can measure demand, and predict your sales margins, with far greater accuracy.

But it’s not just your product line that counts. With a reporting & analytics tool, you can track which categories are trending or otherwise retaining their position (high or low) with customers over time. In this way, you can refocus your efforts, not just on key products, but on the types of products you sell.

Ideally, assuming you are trading on other marketplaces, this feature should apply right across the board. You should be able to quickly see which products are selling on which sales channels, saving you time and money by enabling you to see which marketplace to target. 


Returns & Refunds

Even when running an error-free service with a perfect product line, returns are a fact of life. Customers may have ordered an item by mistake, or it might not live up to their initial expectations.

Unlike in the past, an open and flexible returns policy is now essential to keeping shoppers happy and securing customer loyalty. But without an analytics tool, it will be impossible to gain a clear overview of your return trends.

Having access to a clear breakdown of which products have been returned will immediately alert you to any patterns which may indicate a poor quality item in your inventory, or an item which perhaps does not live up to its own hype.

In addition, a returns & refunds tool will also quickly alert you to buyers who are consistently purchasing products only to return them. You should be able to quickly see where this occurrs so you can take immediate action.


Seller Performance Analytics

Using the Analytics API, you can create numerous reports to help you analyse your seller performance. These include: business trends, overall engagmeent with your listings, as well as your performance in the Seller Standards program.

With the right marketplace management system at your disposal, you should be able to run reports at the beginning and end of your selling cycles. This will give you clear insights into any areas of your business which need improvement.

Crucially, whatever data you gather should not just benefit your sales, but also your seller rating - based on your feedback/number of returns. Only with deep analytics tools can you ensure, not only to secure your custom, but your rankings. 


Revenue/Sales Analytics

Crucial to any ecommerce business, large or small, is sales analytics. With this you can compile monthly to yearly reports of your total sales, as well as breaking down individual sales of key products.

One feature to lookout for with any eBay analytics tool is average cost per order. With this information, you should be able to quickly see what the average price point is for your target market – ensuring that you don’t waste money and time purchasing products outside their budget.

When it comes to shipping, you will also need to watch your data closely. If an item has a low sell-through rate, this might correlate with a particularly high shopping rate or significantly slow service. Buyers are often put off by extra delivery charges or an unreasonably long delivery period.

Finally, where you are selling internationally, it is crucial to have a full breakdown of the countries your products are selling in. In this way you should be able to see immediately which countries are generating the most trade – thus enabling you to focus your efforts on those territories which are driving your business.


Traffic Performance Reports

 Using the the getTrafficReport method, your eBay managment system should give you access to a range of insights into where your traffic is coming from and which products are leading to more conversions than others.

Displayed as visual data, you can see whether your traffic has come from eBay or outside eBay, as well as your click-through and sales conversions rate, listing impressions and listing page views. 

With this information at your disposal you should be able to plan and refocus your business much more effectively. For instance, you can track how promotional plans increase or decrease page views and subsequent sales. 


Introducing 247 CloudHub:

eBay Analytics and Inventory Management All-in-One


247 CloudHub is our bespoke cloud-based inventory management system. Ideal for eBay marketplace sellers, CloudHub enables you to control every aspect of your eBay business, including analytics & reporting.

With CloudHub, you get access to all the essential analytic tools mentioned in this article and more. Our SaaS solution allows you to measure and track all the core aspects of your eBay business – all within an attractive and user-friendly graphical interface.

Whether you want to analyse your sales via bar or pie chart, our unique inventory management system allows you to gain insights across a variety of metrics. From shipping and return status to total sales revenue (including VAT) and marketplace share, all your data is at your fingertips.

But it doesn’t stop there: with our inventory management suite you can access each order stage too – enabling you to see what’s been sent for picking, dispatched from the warehouse and delivered to the customer. Complete reporting from end-to-end, 247 CloudHub provides all the tools to power your future growth.


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