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We offer a range of tailored services to suit our client' requirements, including day rate project resource, bespoke integrations and Support / SLA contracts:

Our Day Rates for Magento Commerce Projects

If you are onboarding with us as a Commerce client, your project will start with a workshop, followed up with a comprehensive scoping document which will shape the Magento build or other project work. Your project is then executed in fortnightly sprints, with a mix of onsite, onshore and offshore project teams for speed and efficiency in project delivery. We have a depth of knowledgeable Magento and eCommerce professionals we can allocate to your project, at reasonable day rates (based on 7.5 hour working day):

1 Project Manager £900 +VAT
2 Business Analyst £900 +VAT
3 Developer £900 +VAT
4 Designer £900 +VAT
5 Strategic Digital Marketer £900 +VAT
6 Tester £900 +VAT

Onsite, Onshore and Offshore prices are available on request.

Talk to us about your project requirements

Bespoke Integrations for Commerce:

With 32 Magento Certified developers and an indepth API knowledge born out of our very own eCommerce Marketplace Management platform solution, our developers love scoping and developing bespoke integrations.

Bespoke integration list examples done for other Magento Commerce customers:

  • Integration into eBay and Amazon
  • Custom workflow for level Order processing
  • Dotmailer Integration
  • Custom payment gateway integration
  • Tier Pricing
  • Mailchimp, Dotmailer or any such Integration
  • Import export in bulk
  • Futura EPOS integration (SKU, Price & Qty)
  • Navision Connector (SKU, Price & Qty)
  • What you see -what you het CMS Page editor (247 Shop CMS)
  • Bespoke Google GTM & Analytic (Google account reports, filters, funnels)
  • Headless integration using Graph QL and Rest APIs
  • Futura EPOS integration (custom fields)
  • Futura Loyalty program integration
  • Navision Connector (custom fields)
  • Ticketing System integration: Galaxy ticketing
  • Promotion customisations
  • Navision Connector (custom fields)
  • Ticketing System integration: Galaxy ticketing
  • Promotion customisations

Sample B2B functionalities:

  • Register to continue shopping
  • Credit Limits
  • Credit purchase based on staff

The above examples are by no means an exhaustive list. Talk to us about your requirements and the art of the possible. We can take your requirements and help you scope the optimal integration solution.

Talk to us about your bespoke integration requirements

Support & SLA Packages

Support packages and SLA (Service Led Agreements) are available in hourly and person day options (with rollover option).

Hourly rate = £125 +VAT Standard SLA
- 4 hour - Sev 1
- 10 hour - Sev 2
- 15 hour - Sev 3
- 20 hour - Sev 4
- Half Day each day**
- 2 Magento Pros each day**

Support hours can be used for support, training, maintenance and change requests.
**Minimum commitment applies to dedicated resources.

Incident Management - Incident Severity Details (SLA)

Severity Details Response Time Resolution Targets
Severity 1 Complete malfunction and no access to the website, extensions or server managed by 247 Commerce under Contract, or if there is a significant loss in online transactions. 1 hour 4 working hours
Severity 2 Important Coding or Content technical issues that cause business impact 2 hour 6 working hours
Severity 3 Content or Coding problems that do not cause business impact 1 hour 3 working hours
Severity 4 Design change, improvement or a customisation/ extension required by the client. 1-2 days Based on viability and scope of work

Talk to us about your support/SLA requirements

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