Picking List Template

Picking List Template


Picking List Template

Picking List Template

Picking List Profiles

Before processing shipping and courier labels or packing invoices for your orders a Picking List is required to be generated using the Deliver module of 247Cloudhub. This section configures the data you wish to show in the Picking List and control the layout by building a Picking List Profile.

Go to Configure > Picking List Settings:

To create a new Picking List Profile click on the “Create a New Picking List Profile” tab.

Step 1 – Choose the orientation of how you want to print your picking list, whether portrait or landscape, once chosen click “Next”

Step 2 – Select which fields of data you wish to display on your Picking List by checking the relevant boxes. You can choose to display:

  • SKU – the unique internal stock keeping unit reference for your product.
  • Product Title – the title of the product as it appears on the marketplace or sales channel.
  • Bin Location – the shelf location if inputted in your inventory within the Optimise module.
  • Image – the product’s main image.
  • Order Quantity – the number of items to be picked (this should be mandatory).
  • Order Notes – any special instructions from the customer for delivery as downloaded on the order from the relevant sales channel or marketplace.
  • EAN – the unique European Article Number (barcode) for your product.

Once the relevant fields have been selected, click “Next”.

Step 3 – On this screen you should give your Picking List Profile a name for reference. The order of the columns chosen can be changed by dragging and dropping the coloured fields into position on the right hand side panel. Once complete click “Save”.

The new profile will then appear in the Picking List Profiles list and can be Edited and Deleted by selecting the options on the far right column.

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