Inventory Management

Powerful Inventory

An inventory management system helps your company manage all incoming and outgoing stock in such a way that you can meet customer demand and avoid the losses associated with overstock or stock-outs. Almost every part of your business is to a greater or lesser extent impacted, including sales and customer service, procurement, warehouse management, accounting and production.

CloudHub Pro handles
Inventory management in six distinct areas:

Inventory Control

Inventory Management

Inventory Tracking

Inventory Barcoding

Inventory Optimisation

Inventory Alerts

Waste less time generating purchase orders.

Use Cloudhubs advanced features to automatically generate purchase orders from all default suppliers based on re-order levels or stock required to fill existing orders. Automatically create orders for dropshipped products as orders arrive.

Unlimited Warehouse and Bin Locations

Manage stock at unlimited stores and warehouses and ship goods from multiple locations on a single order.

Serialised and Batch Controlled Inventory

Reduce wastages due to expired stock by accurately keeping track of batches and using the advanced automations of the repricing tool to increase stock movement before goods go out of date.

Receive goods from multiple suppliers and purchase orders at the same time

No more stock standing around in your receiving bay. Select multiple suppliers and purchase orders at once and scan them into your warehouse.

Painless stock taking

Create customised stock taking groups to handle smaller, more focused stock takes. Easily identify quantity variations.

Unlimited Products and variations

Standard products, variations and configurable (bundled) products are easy to set up or import.

Multiple Suppliers per Product

Have different suppliers with different pricing models assigned to individual products and use supplier stock and price feeds to ensure you buy at the best possible price

Inventory Control

This is concerned with products that are already in your warehouse. All characteristics of a product such as its type, category, serial or batch numbers, warehouse location are taken into account along with audit data, reporting and advanced filtering and viewing of data. 247 CloudHub controls all your product data including images across 12 marketplaces in 22 countries. You can easily import bulk product data, handle unlimited product variations, bundled products (assembled products) and easily manage individual products in any warehouse.

Reduce wastages due to expired stock by accurately keeping track of batches and using the advanced automation of the repricing tool (for the Amazon and eBay marketplace) to increase stock movement before goods go out of date. Receive stock from multiple suppliers on multiple purchases at once, so no more stockpiling up in your receiving bay.

Inventory Control

Inventory control is included with Inventory Management, but there are other parts of a system, other business processes that occur before your warehouse receives the stock as well as after it leaves you. Supplier management, purchase orders and multi-location warehouse management are examples as are integrations into third-party ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) platforms such as Microsoft NAV.

247 CloudHub software enables you to easily and accurately track stock in real-time across multiple locations and channels, consolidating all inventory systems into a single, integrated warehouse solution. All warehouse tasks can be performed faster and more accurately with clear visibility on all inventory management processes and transactions. Raise supplier purchase orders, re-ordering stock automatically and allocating stock to a BIN location for ease of picking.

247 CloudHub offers unlimited warehouses and bin locations and allows for multi-warehouse fulfilment from different warehouses on a single order. Multiple suppliers stock levels can be tracked (if available), and the best pricing selected when forecasting or placing purchase orders. Bulk purchase order generation based on preset order levels or stock required to fill orders saves time and reduces errors. Automatically ordering dropship orders direct from a sales order means that your fulfilment process can be expedited.

Inventory Tracking

Perpetual inventory tracking helps you to automate manual tasks. For example, generating tracking numbers when dispatching orders through integrations to third-party shipping providers and keeping your clients informed about when their goods will be arriving are essential for customer service. Track stock moving to FBA locations and make sure it is correctly received.

Inventory Control

Not only does barcoding eliminate data entry errors, but it also allows you to automate business functions that need to communicate with other parts of your system. The collection, storage and arrangement of electronic stock data increase speed and accuracy. Mobile barcode scanning increases back-office processes, inventory replenishment and allows for paperless documentation

Inventory Optimisation

Automated reporting of inventory trends allows you to keep a closer eye on supply and demand so that you can optimise the stock you carry on hand.

Inventory Alerts

Being automatically alerted to low inventory levels, shipment delays, and the expiry of perishable products helps reduce waste and increase profits. These alerts assist in supplier management, shipping, sales forecasting and customer service.

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About 247 CloudHub

247 CloudHub is a flexible, cloud-based multichannel ecommerce platform which helps online retailers sell more while reducing costs and complexity by automating key selling and order management processes – all from a single dashboard. Our software has a highly customisable modular architecture which provides clients with all the tools they need to rapidly scale their online operations across multiple websites and marketplaces. It also enables managers to take complete control of their online operations by combining key warehouse, stock and order fulfilment processes in one lightning-fast cloud-based system. To download a detailed description of 247 CloudHub’s features and benefits in a PDF format simply click here

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