Order Management

From entering or downloading orders to getting the item out of the door, 247 CloudHub handles every step seamlessly and efficiently.

Order Downloads

Orders are downloaded from your different selling platforms into CloudHub every few minutes eliminating the need for continuous logging into multiple marketplaces. Stock is allocated to the order (not removed from stock), and all marketplaces are updated with the newly available stock level. This reduces the chances of overselling, resulting in poor performance reviews.

Picking List

CloudHub can create picking lists in any manner that suits your existing processes. Choose to print by location, courier, order status and much more. CloudHub will tell you exactly where your stock is located, the quickest route to follow to pick the stock and even highlight which stock is needed for expedited orders allowing the picker to prioritize.

Tracking Numbers

Since CloudHub assigns couriers at lightning speed, all tracking numbers are automatically stored and visible on the orders screen after dispatch.

Scan, Pack & Ship

Whether you want to work in the traditional manner of single order at a time or you want to operate high volume dispatches efficiently, CloudHub has the solution for you. Our solution allows you to scan a product and immediately find the most suitable order to fill, decide the courier and print the shipping label out on the spot. Should you want to, you can have a packing slip printed at the same time either on customized labels or through a second printer.

Staff efficiency can be monitored in terms of the numbers of packages dispatched; up to a 40% increase in packing speed has been reported by some of our customers resulting in huge labor cost savings and, just as important better customer service

Marketplace Notifications

The respective marketplace is notified immediately when an order is dispatched, reducing the perceived time taken to dispatch, which marketplaces take into account with professional sellers. Traditionally companies upload their notifications once a day, but uploading the notification at the time of dispatch, means that orders processed in the morning are reported as six hours ahead of schedule. It might not sound like much, but marketplaces like Amazon and eBay work solely on statistics, so everything that can be done to boost those statistics needs to be taken advantage of.

Returns & Refunds

One major headache for sellers is the processing of returns. Each marketplace handles the process differently and using some low-end software still forces you to log into each marketplace manually and keep manual lists in order not to lose control.

CloudHub brings all returns requests under one roof and into a single interface. RMA numbers are created, and based on the actions you decide to take, the marketplaces are informed automatically.

Rules can be set to automatically accept or decline returns in certain circumstances for example; you might want to refund returns whose value is less than £5 because the returns postage might not be worth the cost of the item. Once again, the speed at which these items have been processed all counts towards your performance metrics on the marketplaces.

If you accept the return, CloudHub keeps track of what items you are waiting for customers to send back and, once the item arrives, Cloudhub gives you the option of allowing an inspection by your warehouse staff before you make your final decision to refund. Even the refund itself can be dealt with through CloudHub by instructing the marketplace to issue a refund as well as informing your financial package (if integrated) that a refund has been issued.


An endless supply of order reporting is available through CloudHub. Find out your best (or worst) selling products, which orders are the most profitable or have the highest returns rate. CloudHub keeps all relevant information about orders, and so you can come back to us later with requests for different reports, and the chances are our developers will be able to give you want to need.

Looking for a Simpler Alternative for Selling on Multiple Marketplaces like Amazon and eBay?

Then you’ve found it! 247 CloudHub is the easiest multi-channel seller software on the market today, with an accessible support team that’s available to talk to you whenever you need us. If you’re thinking of switching from ChannelAdvisor, Volo Commerce or Channelgrabber to a simpler system with a more personal service than you’re used to, this could be the best business decision you’ve made this year.

About 247 CloudHub

247 CloudHub is a flexible, cloud-based multichannel ecommerce platform which helps online retailers sell more while reducing costs and complexity by automating key selling and order management processes – all from a single dashboard. Our software has a highly customisable modular architecture which provides clients with all the tools they need to rapidly scale their online operations across multiple websites and marketplaces. It also enables managers to take complete control of their online operations by combining key warehouse, stock and order fulfilment processes in one lightning-fast cloud-based system. To download a detailed description of 247 CloudHub’s features and benefits in a PDF format simply click here

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    No hassle, no pressure, no drama – just a good old-fashioned personal service.

    No hassle, no pressure, no drama – just a good old-fashioned personal service.