White Label Opportunities

What is a white label e-commerce solution?

For years we have heard that the internet will take over the world but this is no longer something for the future. The future is already here and companies that specialise in online services need to provide increasingly complex benefits in order to gain or maintain their market share.
You could recommend different products to your clients but then your hard earned reputation will be at the mercy of the company you recommended.
You could decide to develop an application yourself but development time as well as maintaining a support team is costly. Then there’s the issue of hosting which should rather be left to the experts. You could also buy an “off the shelf” solution but now you might end up sitting with a headache of a solution you have no control over at all.

Why not take somebody else’s product and brand it as your own?

You obviously cant do this at random but as a 247 Commerce Partner you can rebrand part or all of our applications any way you like. It would have a look and feel to match your existing offering thus keeping your customers happy with your familiar inteface. Your customers would appreaciate the extra functionality and just as important, you can charge what you like!

So what are the benefits?

It’s Easy. You dont need to be a technical genius or have an end to end understanding of e-commerce to resell it successfully. All CloudHub modules are maintained, updated and supported by 247 Commerce so you can concentrate on getting sales. It’s Low Cost. Compared to high development and project management costs associated with new projects, using existing 247 CloudHub modules will cost significantly less. In fact the flexability of the 247 Commerce pricing structure might allow you to reduce your start off costs in turn for a revenue share resulting in far less risk to you.
It’s quick. Depending on any unique requirements you may have your solution could be ready in a matter of weeks instead of months. Your software could be up and running faster than you could design your marketing material.

Looking for a Simpler Alternative for Selling on Multiple Marketplaces like Amazon and eBay?

Then you’ve found it! 247 CloudHub is the easiest multi-channel seller software on the market today, with an accessible support team that’s available to talk to you whenever you need us. If you’re thinking of switching from ChannelAdvisor, Volo Commerce or Channelgrabber to a simpler system with a more personal service than you’re used to, this could be the best business decision you’ve made this year.

About 247 CloudHub

247 CloudHub is a flexible, cloud-based multichannel ecommerce platform which helps online retailers sell more while reducing costs and complexity by automating key selling and order management processes – all from a single dashboard. Our software has a highly customisable modular architecture which provides clients with all the tools they need to rapidly scale their online operations across multiple websites and marketplaces. It also enables managers to take complete control of their online operations by combining key warehouse, stock and order fulfilment processes in one lightning-fast cloud-based system. To download a detailed description of 247 CloudHub’s features and benefits in a PDF format simply click here

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    For a guided tour of 247 CloudHub from your own desk, call us on 0208 940 7011 to arrange a completely FREE demo, or complete the form on this page to see how hundreds of businesses connect with more customers, automate key selling processes and reduce operational costs. Our ecommerce specialists will help you get your demo going, by sending you an email inviting you to participate in a screen-sharing session (Microsoft Teams or Google meet or Webex meeting) where they’ll walk you through the features and benefits of the platform.

    No hassle, no pressure, no drama – just a good old-fashioned personal service.

    No hassle, no pressure, no drama – just a good old-fashioned personal service.