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Product Export Import Status Monitor

Product Export Import Status Monitor

For any import or export request completed in the ‘Optimise’, a log of it held on this page.

Each request provided in its specific batch ID, and in addition to the email, you will receive information regarding status. It is also possible to download what uploaded, any supporting error logs here by clicking on the links in the “Action” column for any batch ID shown. If no errors found in an import or export, the Error File option would not appear.

The columns that appear on this Import Status screen are:

  • Batch ID – the unique import ID given to the request by Optimise.
  • Uploaded File Name – the exact file name of the import you submitted.
  • Marketplaces Included – which sales channel(s) the import held data for.
  • Count of Data Rows – the number of data rows processed in the import
  • Count of Columns – the number of data fields/columns processed in the import.
  • Requested by User – which user completed the import request.
  • Import Request Received at – the date and time the request was received.
  • Import Request Completed at – the date and time the request was processed and completed.
  • Status – a symbol showing the status of the import request based on the legend of symbols to the top right.

The “Import Products” button to the top right will take you to the page where you can process a product import request.

Click here to open Product Import request page.

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