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Gain a competitive advantage with custom solutions including Power apps

Why Choose 247 Commerce for Oprational Efficiency with ERP and PowerApps?

Deep ERP and PowerApps Expertise

we specialise in building custom ERP solutions and skillfully integrate PowerApps to provide user-friendly interfaces and rapid workflow creations.

Efficiency at the Core

We go beyond simply cofiguring software. We analyse your workflows, uncover bottlenecks, and build ERP solutions-to deliver a seamless oprational experiecnce.

Process-Centric Approach

We prioritise results. Our team maps your processes, suggesting how solutions paired with flexibility of PowerApps can create tangible improvements in efficiency.

Value-Driven Development

Top into top-tier offshare develpers with PowerApps expertise at competitive rates.

Collaboration and Ownership

Work closely with our senior lead to build the ideal solution. Maintain full owernership of your custom ERP, including PowerApps components, along with detailed documentation.


  • £400 per day for initial senior lead
  • Team members from £2500 per month(full-time)
  • 3-month minimum engagement

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Frequently Asked Questions

We focus on the "why" behind the numbers - not just the "what." We uncover insights hidden in your data and provide concrete recommendations on how to improve your marketing results.

Absolutely! We tailor our reporting and explanations to your level of understanding. Our goal is to empower you with clear insights, not confuse you with jargon.

Results vary depending on your unique business and goals. However, our clients typically see improvements like increased website traffic, higher conversion rates, better campaign ROI, and more informed decision-making.

We work with common analytics platforms (e.g., Google Analytics), e-commerce platforms (e.g., Shopify, Magento/Adobe Commerce, BigCommerce), social media metrics, email marketing data, and more. If in doubt, just ask - we'll confirm compatibility.

The setup timeline varies depending on the complexity of your data setup. However, we aim to have you up and running with initial insights as quickly as possible.

Yes, we can assist with setting up or refining your tracking as needed. This may be an additional setup service.

Yes! Our standard package is a great starting point, but we understand businesses have different needs. We're happy to customise a service plan based on your specific requirements and budget.

Currently, we're offering a special launch promotion for the first five sign-ups. Visit our blog post here BLOG LINK We may offer trial periods on a case-by-case basis, please contact us to discuss.