Inventory Management

Manage your product data and stock across all the important sales channels. Take the fantastic opportunity to sell across Amazon, eBay, your Magento website and many other places at the click of a button.


Selling more products via an ever increasing number of places becomes a challenge. Whether Amazon, eBay, FNAC, CDiscount or your own Magento website, don’t let the complexity stop you from growing your business.

You may need to integrate EPOS for your high street stores or point of sale locations with the same inventory data and stock information. Maybe you even have sales reps across the country needing to call on and invoice for stock to fulfil bulk or trade sales.

Working with other eCommerce channels such as Groupon, Wayfair, Wowcher or Living Social increases the need for you to be able to call on product data quickly.

By holding a repository of data that is created at the touch of a button or by a simple bulk import sheet, use it for absolutely anything you need for growing your business.

Adding New Products
Simple one by one product edit and creation. Create data and easily replicate across different sales channels.
Uploading in Bulk
Add or update large sets of product data in bulk within seconds. Receive error reports to easily fix your data issues.
Exporting Data
Extract any product, stock or warehouse related information at the click of a button. So useful for internally reporting or calling on data
Managing Your Media
Upload and manage images, videos and any other product data in your space on the cloud.
247 CloudHub

247CloudHub is your solid base for inventory management. See your product range grow and business fly higher!