Payments & Terms

Know how you are to be paid, and by when. Set expectations clearly and manage cash flow well.
Credit Terms
Allow customers to purchase items online and receive an email VAT invoice with their order confirmation. Set credit terms that are customised based on your company policy at a customer group level.
For smaller businesses or new customers, you may only want to do business on a proforma invoice basis. Upon receiving their order, submit the relevant invoice with these terms for payment before the order is sent to your warehouse for dispatch.
Instant Payments
Let customers make instant payments for their orders by integrating your chosen payment gateway. Include alternative options such as Checkout by Amazon and PayPal alongside your preferred payment partner.
Payment Management
Customers can easily log into their My Account section to view all orders, understand what is paid, due or past due for simple account management. This ensures they have the tools they need to keep up to date and ensure their account with you isn’t placed on stop.


We understand how difficult it is managing different customer terms and demands. Not only this, chasing payments and delaying dispatches as goods sit on hold in your warehouse is always an everyday headache.

By improving the technology you use to engage your customers, see significant improvements in how you operate.


Set expectations right from the word go. Think about growing business and not just coping with what you have already.