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With over 8 years of integrating into Amazon's Marketplace through inventory, order and shipping management, combined with Amazon catalogue intelligence, you're in great hands...


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    247 CloudHub is your complete Amazon Marketplace management platform. From easy set up, inventory management, intelligent repricing and catalogue changes, to warehouse and shipping management. Let’s take your Amazon ecommerce performance to the next level.

    Did you know?


    Which makes us the only Marketplace eCommerce Agency who are also Magento certified.

    The benefit to you?

    Aside from building great websites and technical integrations - from ecommerce builds to marketplace management - we work with retailers daily. This enables us to stay abreast of all the major trends in online retail with true reactivity that sees the bigger picture, not just the latest fad. Magento certified, multichannel savvy, and with a team who have worked across all sectors, the stage is set for whatever you can imagine.

    Why Choose 247 Cloudhub For Your Amazon Management?

    Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) is the option to display FREE One-Day Delivery messaging to Prime customers. Products listed as Seller Fulfilled Prime have a better chance of being discovered by Prime members and, as a seller, you significantly increase your chances of winning Buy Box.
    In practice however, achieving SFP status can be tough. Even with the ability to ship via Seller Fulfilled prime, you need to keep meeting your Prime targets. Our marketplace solution ensures you are always able to deliver on time, to scale.

    With 247 CloudHub you can:


    ✔ Filter all your Amazon Prime orders for quick selection

    ✔ View and ship Prime orders without logging into Amazon

    ✔ Bulk print Amazon Prime shipping labels for easy dispatch

    ✔ Deliver and track Prime orders directly from your own warehouse

    Helping you reach new customers and meet high levels of demand, 247 CloudHub ensures you not only win Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) status but retain and capitalise on its huge benefits of increased orders and sales.

    To stay competitive on Amazon you need a consistent repricing strategy.
    Manual price-matching won’t cut it. You need a reliable cloud-based interface to automate and review your prices.
    247CloudHub has ready made, built-in features which enable you to reprice your SKUs straight from the interface.

    247 CloudHub Amazon Repricer Functionality:

    In Amazon’s Own Words: Win Buy Box with Competitive Repricing

    As Amazon have officially stated: “If a product is not priced competitively by a seller, we reserve the right to not feature that offer.” But since prices change so quickly, the only way to win Buy Box is with an Amazon Repricing tool. CloudHub enables you to automate pricing right across the board.

    Discounts, Promotional Pricing, Limited Offers, Multibuy Purchases — all within CloudHub.

    To identify key challenges facing retailers and provide the marketplace solution to help:

    Major eCommerce challenges for retailers:

    What do retailers really want from their marketplace solution?

    From our 8 years+ of marketplace integrations and management experience, working across clients, we believe that what retailers most want is:

    Powerful Amazon Marketplace Features

    247 CloudHub offers bespoke and custom integration for Promotions, Item Specifics, Inventory and Order Management.

    Set-Up: Quick & Seamless Integrations

      Seamless API integrations. Easy to set up via Amazon MWS. Integration of 247 CloudHub with Amazon, couriers and payment gateways, plus with multiple marketplace platforms.

      Customise shipping rates, automation rules and order workflows.

      Meet the needs of your business, across marketplaces and your website.

      Key Features:

    • Set editable user roles and permissions and based on what your admins need to view
    • Customise user screens and quick links for ease of use
    • Log all user and application activities for key activities such as edits, feeds, quantity adjustments and order management
    • Simple creation, logging and understanding of users and their workflows.

    Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)

      FBA is a service which allows you to fulfil orders you wouldn’t have otherwise had time to prepare or ship. To make the most of this fulfilment method, however, you need a marketing management system to apply FBA across multiple listings and track your competitors who are doing the same.

      Key Features:
      With 247 CloudHub you can:
    • Integrate FBA sales for reporting
    • Inject shipments from websites
    • Prepare and review dispatches
    • Measure campaign outcomes
    • 247 CloudHub also allows you to sells via additional marketplaces - giving you complete coverage.

    Comprehensive Inventory Management

      Consolidating all your shipping, inventory and orders in one place, CloudHub provides

      Key Features:

    • Easy management of all your product data
    • High levels of marketplace compliance with real-time platform feedback
    • Ready-made recommendations to resolve any inventory issues
    • Bulk and partial product data import and export to save time
    • Quick and efficient listings: Match Amazon products against eBay catalogues before listing to ensure marketplace alignment and save time
    • Sync your product availability and quantities across marketplaces to avoid oversales
    • Enjoy the positive impact on your seller reputation and performance from optimal inventory listings and management. 247 CLoudHub is an inventory specialist platform.

    AMAZON Catalogue Changes

      With 247 Cloudhub search, find, and edit listings within your catalog for streamlined inventory management.

    How Will 247 CloudHub
    SHINE in Supporting You?

    Our expertise lies not only in our platform, but also in account management and support , strategic insight and innovation

    Our pricing is set realistically. You get full access to all 247 CloudHub features, plus our support, all at a reasonable monthly cost. We only win if you're winning.

    Platform Support

    We want you to get the best from 247 CloudHub. Therefore we offer platform support and actual human interaction to all of our Enterprise customers, to ensure efficiency.

    Tactical, Strategic Input

    247 CloudHub has a wealth of functionality that can be tactically used to support your eCommerce strategy. We love to regularly share insight and opportunity with our clients.

    Wider Services

    We also love working on the wider digital and web piece, to ensure your eCommerce strategy is bound. Talk to us about development, design and marketing.

    Innovation Roadmap

    Our work is never done. As Amazon evolves its technology, we evolve to keep ahead. We're also always looking at ways to improve 247 CloudHub's features and ease of use, creating roadmap releases - across platform integrations, inventory management, payments and reporting, plus the intuitive use and efficiency of our platform.

    What Else Can You Have Included With 247 CloudHub?

    Take advantage of one of the fantastic following features, at no extra cost, when you sign up to 247 CloudHub:


    A Free Magento Website

    We're serious about helping you grow! As a Magento partner agency, we can provide you with a fully functioning Magento store.


    A Free Amazon store design

    Give your Amazon store the sleek and polished look it deserves. We'll design your store inline with your brand, or as you require, within your package.

    (we can also create your bespoke package to include multiple additional services)

    Winning Amazon Buy Box with 247 CloudHub

    Get featured in Buy Box. Boost traffic. Win sales.

    Implementing best practice, systems and processes to help you increase revenue

    Order Defect Rate (ODR)

    A combination of metrics determine your ODR, which in turn influences your liklihhod of winning Amazon Buy Box. These include - 1. Negative Feedback Rate 2. A-to-Z Guarantee Claim Rate 3. Service Chargeback Rate. With CloudHub you can manage all these metrics and more via your Amazon interface where you can view feedback on all your products and how to improve your service.

    Feedback Score

    Amazon groups together your feedback score in 30, 90 and 365 day increments, but it is the most recent feedback has the greatest impact on the Buy Box. You can track returns and late shipments to see what's affecting your rating and how you can maximise it.

    Delivery Time & Rate

    When it comes to Buy Box, delivery is also a key factor: metrics include on-time delievery, late shipment rate and tracked delivery rate. With CloudHub you can stay on top of your shipping times and tracked packages from within one, simple, easy-to-use interface.

    Customer Response Time

    How quickly you respond to a customer query is another important element of winning Amazon Buy Box. Amazon breaks down your response times into four categories: messages replied to in 12 hours, within 24 hours, after 24 hours and messages never replied to. CloudHub enables gives you complete overview of your customer data to meet Amazon's Bux Box criteria.

    We're proud to have worked with on 247 CloudHub & Amazon:

    Business improvements from using 247 CloudHub:

    Winning Customers From Other Platforms

    If you've previously worked with other marketplace integration platforms, we regularly onboard their previous customers.

    Here are 4 reasons why:
    Reason 1 Whether your commercial objective is to grow or to maintain market share, we strongly advise that you do not rely only upon Marketplace sales. Your website (should you have one) and its traffic driving channels should remain a core focus to maintain and grow your brand.

    Marketplace sales should be as a part of your wider ecommerce strategy, not be the core focus of. (this spread, and therefore, minimises risk, should you ever run into problems with any of the core marketplaces (it can happen! from time-to-time, through inventory or customer service challenges).
    Reason 2 When you use our platform, each of its tools work for you 24-7; for repricing, constant item revisions, order management… With no hidden fees.
    Reason 3 We strive to build partnerships with our customers. Your success is our success. You come first.
    Reason 4 ...As such, we are not a mass customer off the shelf generic solution. We work with select chosen clients who we prefer to work with so we can really focus on helping our customers grow their sales and improve business efficiency, working as strategic partners to best utilise all of 247 Cloudhub's functionality, aligned with your commercial goals and opportunities.

    How Will 247 CloudHub
    SHINE in Supporting You?

    Our expertise lies not only in our platform, but also in account management and support , strategic insight and innovation

    Magento is a powerful and modern cloud commerce platform with an open-source ecosystem.

    Platform Support

    Magento is a powerful and modern cloud commerce platform with an open-source ecosystem.

    Strategic Input

    Magento is a powerful and modern cloud commerce platform with an open-source ecosystem.

    Wider Services

    Magento is a powerful and modern cloud commerce platform with an open-source ecosystem