At 247 Commerce we care about the green economy. And we believe that today is the time to rethink how we create and use things we need. In this way, we can create a better future for business, society, and the natural world.

In that regard, we are proud to announce our partnership with Twig, the circular economy oriented and the fastest growing European fin-tech. Twig becomes the preferred Circular Economy payment provider for 247 Commerce, allowing 247 Commerce retailers to incorporate sustainability and the circular economy at the checkout, with prioritised support.

Twig Pay is a uniquely circular payment solution, whereby customers can instantly convert the value of their assets (e.g. iPhone, apparel) into currency which they can use to complete their purchases. Globally, there is $49trn worth of physical goods within households and Twig provides consumers with real-time ability to monetise these items through their Twig wallet. 

Increasingly, consumers are becoming more sustainability focused, and this partnership will support 247 Commerce and its merchants in aligning with changing consumer behaviour. 65% of consumers expect businesses to make more progress on issues relating to the environment, and for the 247 Commerce client base, Twig brings the circular-economy to the checkout, helping with sustainability objectives. 

Additionally, as cost of living and inflation increases, Twig becomes a sustainable alternative to cash savings and high interest credit. The circular economy is already driving positive transactional behaviour in testing times, with 32% of Gen Z consumers selling pre-owned items to fund new transactions, and Twig brings this process to the online checkout. 

Both Twig and 247 Commerce seek to deliver value to merchants beyond expectations, and the partnership extends the ability of both parties in doing this. With Twig becoming the Preferred Circular Economy Payment Provider, 247 Commerce merchants have access to prioritised integration support, relationship management and organic promotional opportunities. 

Geri Cupi, Founder and CEO of Twig commented: ‘’We are truly excited to partner with 247 Commerce in our quest to reach and serve the best of the merchant community. Twig Pay is a revolutionary way to shop whereby we enable customers to both make sustainable choices and increase their affordability when purchasing goods and services. We look forward to bringing this payment innovation to 247 Commerce clients and serving their customers.’’

Susant Patro, Founder and CEO of 247 Commerce says: “We are proud to announce this partnership with TwigPay. Circular economy can add a significant value to the social impact and the environment. Our merchants value sustainable alternatives, and effortless payment methods that their customers will love and benefit from. This partnership only improves on our leading services, and we think there’ll be a huge uptake of merchants using TwigPay at their checkout.”

About Twig

Twig  is a London, UK based new generation fin-tech, rooted in circular economy principles. Founded by Geri Cupi in 2020, who has been named as Forbes ‘30 under 30’ for his contribution to Retail and eCommerce in 2020, Geri is a serial entrepreneur who founded Twig consequentially, after gaining expertise in blockchain, re-commerce, and circular economy-driven practices. 

Twig’s central mission is to empower consumers to ´value, unlock, and enjoy wealth they never knew they had´. Users have access to instant cash while recirculating goods back into the market and extending the life of an item, while enjoying traditional banking service benefits such as a debit card, Apple Pay, and domestic and international bank transfers. Twig was built to power the circular economy and eliminate any friction preventing users from participating in a secondary market and make offsetting personal carbon subscriptions easy, Twig is a positive and compelling, environmentally conscious choice for all consumers. 


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