Friday Interview #meettheteam series

Hi both, tell us about yourselves

ary: Hello, I’m Gary. Outside of work, my time is taken by entertaining my 3 years old son, with what little time I have left, I enjoy cooking/baking, eating, drinking and love coffee.

Nick: Hi, I’m Nick. I like to read far too much news content and current affairs. So on a more relaxing note, I am really enjoying the Winter Internationals, especially Ireland’s win over New Zealand, that was special.

Why did you choose to work at 247 Commerce?

Nick: Very ambitious agency with an excellent reputation and relationship with all vendors we work with. Also it’s full of decent people.

Gary: 247 Commerce strategy is all about growth and being at the forefront of eCommerce development. The white walls are adorned with developers’ thoughts about projects they are working on PWAs & Headless, great to watch the thought process.

What is the most common question you get about 247 Commerce?

Nick: “Who is this Gary guy?”

“How much? Followed by HOW MUCH????!!!”

Gary: “We have worked with other companies trying to overcome a specific challenge. Are you sure 247 commerce can do this?”


What are the current projects you are working on?

Nick: Earth and Wheat just launched last week, an excellent company with a passion for the environment and reducing food waste along with contributing to charity for each box of Wonky Bread they sell.

Currently in discovery, an old Linen Mill founded in the late 19th century jumping full feet into the 21st century with a hybrid model plus international sites and warehousing. 

Some interesting discovery calls regarding PWA with a current client.

Gary: Working as the primary SIs for one of our partners; I have been working on a number of payment connector apps to be found in the partners’ marketplace

Favourite books?

Nick: The Timewaster Diaries by Robbing Cooper and Round Ireland with a Fridge by Tony Hawkins

Gary: Ottolenghi cookbook simple – low and slow will intensify the flavour!

Your recommendations for this weekend?

Nick: England v South Africa in the pub hopefully, come on the Bok!!

Gary: Theater to see the stickman

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